Review: Montagne Jeunesse Green Tea Peel-Off Masque

Working night shifts has had it's toll on my skin but thank God it is now getting used to them.  However, I always make it a point that whenever I can, I treat my skin once a week to a deep-cleansing facial and for these past weeks, I have been using a peel-off masque from my favourite face masque company, Montagne Jeunesse.  More specifically, I have been using the Green Tea Peel-Off Masque.

Besides Green Tea, this masque contains Ginger which helps reduce skin inflammation whilst maintaining the skin's elasticity and firmness as well as cleansing the skin of dirt and grime thanks to it's antibacterial properties; sqeezed Lemon is another constituent of this masque and it helps with revitalising and refreshing the skin (for ways on how you can incorporate lemon in your skin care and beauty regime, click here).  

The smell of this masque somehow conjures up images of Thai spas in my mind with the faint ginger and green tea scent and the colour and texture remind me of lemon flavoured jelly.  I know, yummy!! And your skin will thank you for using such a masque to aid it detoxify from everyday pollution and give it a deeper cleanse!

What's more? This masque will leave your conscience clear as much as your skin as Montange Jeunesse do not test on animals or use bits of our furry friends in their products! Moreover, this masque is suitable for Vegans, Coeliacs (gluten-intolerant individuals), Lactose and Nut intolerant individuals and it is also paraben free so skin really is in for a treat!

From my personal experience, I noticed that my skin looks instantly brighter upon using this masque and it truly feels deeply cleansed.  There is something about having to peel such masks that leaves me more confident that my skin in really clean.  The only downside to peel-off masques is that they can be quite messy to apply but on the other hand, they are very easy to take off!  I totally recommend this masque to anyone with blemish prone skin and anyone else who wants to give their skin a brand new start the natural way!

2 comments on "Review: Montagne Jeunesse Green Tea Peel-Off Masque"
  1. I <3 these masks! My favourite are the fruit smoothie and the lavender aroma-therapy ones... :)

    1. I have tried the fruit smoothie and it also a great mask... in fact I have yet to come across a mask that disappoints me from these guys! I have never seen the lavender one though so I will pick it up when I see it :)