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I just saw this fun tag on Christine's blog and wanted to share with you all my answers to these 10 nail polish related questions :) Enjoy and link me back your responses if you decide you want to this tag as well! 

Whats your favorite nail polish company? 

My favorite nail polish company is without any doubt China Glaze.  I get my polishes off ebay as over here in Malta I only know of one shop that sells the brand and each polish retails for around €7 whereas on the internet I can get them for €4 - €5. I also like the Color & Go range by Essence Cosmetics as they have a nice selection of colours and they only retail for around €1.40!

Glitter or no glitter? 
Depends on the occasion really as glitter is quite stubborn to remove and even with the foil removal method, I always end up with glitter all over my hands lol.  None the less, I still love playing around with glitter nail polishes because they can change the look of a nail polish instantly!

OPI, China Glaze or Essie?
I have never tried OPI as I just can't bring myself to fork out €9.95 or more on a bottle of nail polish so I cannot really comment on the brand.  On the other hand, I have tried both China Glaze and Essie and while I love the Essies I have in my collection, I prefer the China Glaze formulation as it lasts longer on my nails. Also, China Glaze are always coming up with fun collections and at the moment I'm really lemming some polishes from the Prismatic and the Safari Collections.

When do you change your nail polish?
I usually change my nail polish every week but sometimes I find myself changing it twice a week especially when I buy a bunch of new ones :)

Whats your favorite color on your nails?
Pinks, reds and purples are the colours I reach for most often but I do like to change it up every once in a while and opt for a green or blue or any other colour! 

Dark or bright? 
Both! You will never see me sporting full on black nails though... I hate black!

What are you wearing on your nails right this moment?
I'm actually donning a fresh manicure! It's quite girly and I have used the sponging technique. Stay tuned for the tutorial ;)

Matte nails - in or out?
I have tried matte nails but I still cannot decide whether I like them or not as I do prefer shiny nails.  However, dark colours tend to look better matte. I just need to experiment a little more ;) 

French manicure?
Definitely yes!! It is French so I like it :P Joking apart, I just can't a resist a well done French manicure as it looks so clean and fresh.

Favorite winter color?
Hmmm a nice reddish plum or taupe/greige are my go-to winter nail colours.

I tag all of you to do this fun tag. I would love to see your answers to these questions. 

2 comments on "Tag: Nail Polish Addict"
  1. I'll have to do this tag. Didn't know you were so anti black polish, although it can be quite bold I like it for stamping over or with :)

    1. It's not that I am totally anti-black polish as I like to use it for nail art. It's just that I don't like full on black nails. Would love to see your responses ;)