Monthly Favourites: April 2012

April is over too and that marks my end-of-month appointment to share with you my favourites for this month! Let me start with a few things about life in general first.

I have started my driving lessons in the beginning of the month and I still can't believe I haven't started before! I must admit I was very scared of driving but I really shouldn't have and I am really looking forward to each and every lesson now! This is an achievement for me as it was also one of my new year's resolutions to at least take up driving lessons.  Last week I also learnt that I have finally been appointed as a Medical Laboratory Scientist. This was a huge sigh of relief for me as now I have a permanent job for sure!

Now, on to beauty-related favourites. I only have a handful of products this month but this is what I have really been using:

This month I think I must have gone through some stressful periods and the result was obviously a bad breakout on my face.  It was quite severe, almost to the point where I wouldn't want to go out without any foundation on.  Consequently, I have been cleansing my face with Jojoba oil every two days (for the rest, I used my Effaclar cleanser) and I used Witch Hazel as a toner and my skin has cleared up and I had no marks left from the pimples. I still have a few more zits to treat but thankfully my skin is now much better.  As for covering up, I have been using Lioele Triple The Solution BB Cream for day and NYX HD Foundation for night. 

For me, the best complement to healthy skin is a nice, healthy glow and my go-to product for that has fast become the Essence Blush Gelee in Bloody Mary from the Vampire's Love Trend Edition which I was told that it was sold out and I happened to stumble upon earlier this month! I find it is a very nice product and it gives me nice, healthy, flushed cheeks with a tint similar to the one you get after a nice jog in the sun. Definitely a must have so I'm hoping that Essence include it in their permanent range!

Other products from Essence that I have been loving are the Multi Action False Lashes mascara (which has become my new favourite mascara) and the Stay With Me lip glosses in My Favourite Milkshake and I Like Cotton Candy.  I have also been enjoying these two Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipsticks, especially The Nuder The Better during the day and Ginger & Fred for nights out. I love the creamy formula and colour pay-off and the price of these lipsticks so much that I will get more of them for sure!

That concludes my favourites for this month cupcakes! Which products did you enjoy most during the last four weeks?

4 comments on "Monthly Favourites: April 2012"
  1. I'm happy to read good news about you! I still don't have a driver's licence :( Have you done a review for this BB cream? Essence Blush Gelee is great, hoping they'll include it in their permanent range too!

  2. It's never too late Natalie :) Yes I did review the BB Cream, here's the link:

  3. good luck with your driving lessons hun... I only got my licence a few months ago.. you'll love it :D

  4. Thanks doll :) I've just started and I'm already enjoying it!