The Exit Interview Series: Volume #9

Time for my monthly appointment to share with you the products I have used up this month! There are no products that are part of my Project Ten Pan but I am working on finishing up a few of them by the end of June so stay tuned for an update later on.

As you can tell from the photo, I have mostly used up skin care products this month and I already have backups for the Effaclar cleanser and the scrub which I am afraid to stray away from because they do such a good job on my skin. I still get occasional break-outs but ever since I have started using Effaclar, I get them less frequently.  Just for your information, the cleanser has lasted me for almost a year.  I have also used up this Crystal Masque from Montagne Jeuness which by now you know that it is my favourite brand for natural skin treatments. I like the texture and smell of this masque and I am currently looking for a replacement.  Lastly, I have used up this Coffee Club Soap from Body Gourmet Malta which is a local soap manufacturer and I had won the soap in their Christmas competition. Obviously I took the photo before I used the whole thing up and I really like the effects of this soap in scrubbing my skin and help keep cellulite at bay. What I don't like is that it makes my skin feel taut and dry so I shower with shower gel after I cleanse my skin with this soap.

This is all I have used up this month ladies, stay tuned for more of these posts at the end of each month!

2 comments on "The Exit Interview Series: Volume #9"
  1. Having to use shower gel after soap doesn't sound like a repurchase product.

    1. True, in fact I am actually put off buying it again for that reason