NOTW: Caviar Manicure with some Bling

Happy Mother's Day to all Mum's out there :) Hope you're all having a fab day :) Today, after an absence of a few weeks, I have a nail art tutorial to share with you which I wore last night to a wedding.  The manicure is inspired by the Ciate Caviar Manicure but at a much more affordable price... and a little twist!

1. Prep nails with a good base coat and apply a coat of coloured nail polish over the nails you want to apply the 'caviar' effect to. Leave to dry thoroughly and apply a second coat. I chose e.l.f. Party Purple.

2. For the rest of the nails, apply a French manicure in a contrasting colour and seal with a top coat, I used Orly Dazzle for the tips and Orly Top 2 Bottom as top coat.

3. Paint a thick coat of clear nail polish over the accent nails and apply some rhinestones. Continue with sprinkling some steel beads onto the nails and lightly tap them to make sure they adhere to the nail.  

4. Use a fan brush to remove any beads that didn't stick and apply a some top coat to seal the rest of the beads on the nail.

2 comments on "NOTW: Caviar Manicure with some Bling"
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