Project Ten Pan | Some Quick Tips to Succeed

Hello cupcakes :) You would know that I have started a sort of Project-Ten-Pan like a month ago now and while I have finished some of the products and I am working on the rest, I thought I might share a few tips with you all on what has helped me finish up products.

First of all, here is a brief description of what a Project-Ten-Pan is; most people do this when they have accumulated a big amount of make-up and they want to finish up some pre-loved products.  You basically select 10 products you would want to finish up and you do not buy any new make-up before you finish all those products up, bar essential items and maybe a few limited edition items.

Here are some tips that I have found to help me go through this little project since this is actually my first time doing this!

Tip # 1 If this is the first time you are doing a Project Ten Pan, have a look at your make-up collection and see which products you have neglected.  Reasons can vary but most probably, you have found products that work better for you or you simply do not like the product any more.  Chuck out any expired make-up and products you don't think will ever be used again.  Next, re-assess your everyday make-up routine and select some products from the 'neglected' bundle you want to finish up and stick to them at least for everyday. They'll be used up in no time and this will give you more motivation to use up the rest of the products.

Tip # 2 Do not necessarily pick ten products. You can always pick more or less if you like.

Tip # 3 I know the whole point of a Project-Ten-Pan is to finish up products and not buying any new ones but I found that rewarding yourself with an item you really want (provided you do not already own something similar) will help. Think of it as a diet plan... you would want to treat yourself to your favourite candy every once in a while wouldn't you?

Tip # 4 I do not apply a face full of make-up for work because I don't like the idea of having foundation on my face for a full 12 hours paired with a full on dehydrating air conditioner. Instead, I enjoy putting on more make-up in my off days. What I do on my work days, is I stick to staples such as concealer, some kohl eyeliner and lipgloss and I use products I have actually included in my Project-Ten-Pan.

Tip # 5 Don't be discouraged if it's taking you forever! Everything takes time, hence the more you use a product, the more likely it is that you will finish it up in no time!

Tip # 6 Put the products you have selected in a nice make-up bag over your dresser so you grab the products easily without having to fidget much... perfect for when you're in a hurry!

Tip # 7 Do not restrict yourself to using only those products especially for going out as you may easily get bored with the whole thing.

Tip # 8 Finally, using products you haven't in a long may result in you re-discovering why you loved them in the first place but chances are if you buy them again, they will end up the same so I think it is better if you finish them up and buy something you really need instead!

I think that is all I have to say with regards my Project-Ten-Pan tips! Watch out for updates in my Exit Interview Series posts at the end of each month ;)

4 comments on "Project Ten Pan | Some Quick Tips to Succeed"
  1. Really helpful tips, thanks doll! I love your Exit Interview Series posts btw, keep them coming!

    1. OOOO that's so sweet of you Natalie :) dw they will keep coming regularly :)

  2. I need to do a project 10 pan with my make up. Sort of working my way through my bathroom cupboards with shower gel / cleansers / shampoo etc at the moment. Have to de-clutter!

    1. De-cluttering really helps as you see exactly what products you have left and which ones you use most/less so its a great way to start!