Review & Tutorial: Born Pretty Store 18pcs Hair Styling Roller Curlers (curl-formers)

With summer paving its way back, and my hair much longer that it ever was, I am constantly researching new hair styles that are easy to do and maintain in the hot, humid weather typical of Maltese summers.  The thing is that although my hair is oily, it is quite easy to frizz up and curl at the first signs of humidity so it is useless to straighten it when this will only hold for a couple of seconds. Therefore, curls are the way to go in summer for me so it is understandable that I am always looking for new tools that help me in my quest of having frizz-free curly hair.

Earlier last month, I was offered the chance to review these curl-formers from Born Pretty Store and I was quite excited as I had already seen them before on YouTube but never in shops or online. The package arrived around two weeks after it was shipped and I was a bit deluded by the contents to be honest, as they are very different to what is shown on the website.

In reality, I got 20 rollers which were all the same size (there were a little short for my hair) and they are not vertical as the ones shown on the website.  You also get a hook (in two pieces which you click together) which is needed to put the hair through the rollers.

Anyway, I still wanted to make these rollers work for me so I started experimenting a little and soon figured out that the curl can be tighter or looser depending on which way you roll the plastic curl-former. I like my curls loose for a nice and effortless beachy-look so I always roll the curl-formers anti-clockwise.

One thing I like about these curlers is that they are very easy and straight-forward to use.  However, it is important that you work with damp hair (70% dry is good) as it is much easier to work with and the curls will last longer.

Basically, what you do is insert the hook in one of the curlers and then, working your way through your hair in small sections, hook the hair into the hook (!) and gently pull the hook downwards while holding the curler from the upper end to open it and facilitate the hair going through it.  I like to leave the hair rollers on for around 2 hours to get softer curls. Otherwise, you can opt to leave them on for longer for a more defined curl.  I also found that lightly spraying the hair with some hairspray before, helps hold the curls for longer.  Here is a step-by-step picture tutorial:

Overall I like the curls that I ended up with but I think I would have preferred if the contents were the same as those shown on the website especially if you're paying $13.99 (get a 10% discount if you use the code EBABK31 at checkout on all products including nail art supplies).

Has anyone of you ever used some kind of curl-formers? What do you think of them?

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2 comments on "Review & Tutorial: Born Pretty Store 18pcs Hair Styling Roller Curlers (curl-formers)"
  1. Its a shame you were disappointed, I have seen these before but not tried them. Have you ever tried 'sock curls'? No heat and you can finger comb them out to a beachy wave :)

    1. Never heard of them actually but I might give them a go :) thanks for the heads up!