NOTW: Flowers 'n' Flakes

I'm so relieved at the result the Italian national team ended the match with! Way to go guys! Now this may sound strange but yes, I root for the Italian national team in football competitions because the Maltese team never makes it and second to that I also root for the French national team (however, Italy always gets first preference). Now, while I have some spare time, here's an easy manicure tutorial that I want to share with you :)

1. Prep nails with a base coat and apply two coats of a nude beige polish.  Here I used e.l.f. Desert Haze.

2. Apply one coat of a flakie polish such as Essie Shine Of The Times over all the nails and allow ample time to dry.

3. Using a fine striper brush, create some thin lines starting from 3/4 of the nail to the tip.  I used Essie Very Structured to create my lines.

4. Next, with a burgundy polish, paint a 5-petalled flowers over the area where the lines intersect and paint in two thin strokes on each petal with an orange nail polish such as Essence What Do You Think?

5. Finish off the design by painting three leaves on one side of the flower using a khaki green polish. I used Essence Legends of the Sky nail polish in Leo's Pilot Jacket.

6. Apply a pearl rhinestone in the middle of the flower and seal with a good top coat.

I have also re-created this design on a wedding guest this morning but this time, I used Desert Haze on all the nails except the ring fingers where I used Smoky Brown (also by e.l.f.) and applied Shine OF The Times on the ringers only. I then proceeded to paint the flower using e.l.f. Teal and China Glaze Midnight Kiss for the lines. I then added a gold stud in the middle of the flower and sealed with top coat.

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  1. Both manis look great but I think I prefer yours, I like it better with the light backround :)