Review: Rimmel London Cuticle Scrub

Morning cupcakes :) Sorry for the lack of posts lately but work and life in general have gotten the better side of me. Anyways, here is a review on a product that I have been using religiously for a few months now.  As you can tell by the title, I will be reviewing the Rimmel London Cuticle Scrub.

This was actually an impulse purchase that I did during my break at work as I was browsing the magazine and make-up sections from the hospital convenience store.  I have never owned a cuticle scrub before so I thought about giving it a go.  Now I take very good care of my cuticles and always take time to apply some oil and hand cream before I go to bed so I thought this would be a complementary product to my cuticle care regime.

The product comes in a nail polish bottle and the applicator is in fact a nail polish brush.  The bottle is transparent so it is more convenient to see how much product is left.

Now on to what this cuticle scrub is all about... basically it is a cuticle exfoliant that has the consistency of a gel but it is more on the watery side.  It contains tiny green particles (exfoliating beads) and has a nice fresh scent.  Although I would have liked it to have more exfoliating particles, the product still does a good job and nourishing and hydrating my cuticles. On a side note, the beads are not harsh at all like the ones you get in body polishes.  My cuticles also feel softer when I push them back.  On the bottle it says that the product also contains Vitamin E which is essential if you want strong, healthy nails.

I like to apply this scrub every other day before massaging in the cuticle oil and basically, what you do is gently push back your cuticles and then massage the scrub into the cuticles themselves. The remaining product is absorbed rapidly through the skin so you won't be left with any greasy residues. I like the brush applicator as it makes it easier to get the product where you want it with minimal wastage. 

To sum up, I think I have done a good and useful purchase when I bought this as my cuticles have never been this soft and moisturised, even if I have always taken good care of them.  I would definitely re-purchase this product once I run out and I am assuming that it will last a long time as you only need a little.

I paid around €3 for 12ml of product and you can find Rimmel in pharmacies widely.

2 comments on "Review: Rimmel London Cuticle Scrub"
  1. How cute, I've never heard of a cuticle exfoliator before but this sounds like a really good idea! xx

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  2. I will have to keep a look out for this