July Collective Haul

My my my how time flies by! July has also come to an end and it is time for the monthly collective haul once again.  This month I have been quite shopping shy as I am saving up for a trip to Paris next October! I really cannot wait for August and September to be over and go celebrate my birthday in my favourite city! Anyways, here is all that I bought this month:

Starting with the main purchase, I bought this Olympus VH-210 digital camera for various reasons but mostly because I needed a new camera.  I chose the pearly white one which has brown accents all around that give it a retro feel.  Love the quality of the pictures and the ease of use.  This was €135.

I haven't shopped much for cosmetics this month, just the basics. I got two back-ups of the Essence Stay Natural Concealer in 01 Soft Beige and I also got a shimmery light gold lipstick called Dazzling Beige (no.58) for €2.20 each.

I bought a copy of Glamour magazine and it had a free Balance Me Cleanser which I will take to the dermatologist to see if it is suitable for my skin type before I use it and I am planning to take it with me to Paris.  I also bought a sisal scrubber for some dry body brushing to help improve circulation in my legs.  The mag was €2.90 and the scrubber was €2.

I needed a new way to store my nail polishes in my home nail salon and I bought this cabinet from Lidl which has four drawers, all of which are deep enough for my China Glazes to fit comfortably.  This cost €39.99.

Lastly, clothes and accessories.  As much as I wanted to go sale shopping, I was really busy this month and barely had time.  I managed to sneak into Terranova though for some basics and I got two plain racer back tops in black and white (€3.99 each), one blue racer back top with a corsage and frill trim (€4.99) and two mini skirts in beige and blue for €12.99 each.

From ebay, I bought this neon spike bracelet and turquoise earrings for €2.50 and €1.49 respectively.  I got the Chanel logo earrings as a promotional gift from the website www.the-icons.com.

And I am going to leave the best for last... In June I had accumulated enough points by interacting on the 202 Jewellery facebook page to earn myself a Spinning Ring worth €19.95.  I chose this one with a cute pearl dangle that goes with a ton of outfits:

What did you buy this month ladies? Did you manage to find any sale bargains?

4 comments on "July Collective Haul"
  1. I love that Balance Me cleanser, feels so nice and silky. I've bought far too much this month, going to have to cut it right down!

    1. It's good to know that you like it Laura. Hope it works for me! Some months I tend to over do it too so don't ever think you are alone :) xx

  2. Nice haul! I store my nail polish the same, quite handy.:-)

    1. the other storage I had was very small for my China Glazes and I hate having to store nail polish horizontally. This proved to be the perfect size!