NOTW: Antique Gold

A few months back I bought some gold foil nuggets from and I immediately knew what I was going to use them for as I had seen a nail tutorial on some magazine a few weeks ago.  Basically, it involves laying the gold foil onto the nail and then going over it with nail polish remover to make it look aged and give it an antique look... however, since it is summer, I opted to go for a mint green base instead of the dark navy blue that was portrayed in the magazine's nail tutorial.  Here are the pictures and a step by step tutorial:

1. Prep nails with a base coat and when dry apply two coats of a mint green polish. I used China Glaze For Audrey here. While this dries, cut up the foil in pieces that fit your nails.

2. Apply a thin coat of clear polish over the nails and pick up a piece of the gold foil with a damp q-tip.  Make sure your hands are clean while handling gold foil as it is very delicate and fragile.

3. Go over the foil with a q-tip dipped in some nail polish remover until it starts to crack and wear away a little.

4. When satisfied with the result, seal everything with a glossy top coat.

1 comment on "NOTW: Antique Gold"
  1. Such a pretty colour combination, love it :)