Review: Born Pretty Store Neon Nail Polish in #18

Neon hues are all the rage this summer and while neon clothes and accessories might not be everyone's cup of tea, neon nail polish and nail art is a cheap and easy way to stay on trend without moving out of your comfort zone! Enter the new nail polishes from Born Pretty Store which also glow under UV light! 

I was sent one of the 24 shades available and since I was able to, I chose number 18 as it is a nice bright melon pink, perfect for summer time! 

The bottle is pretty standard and holds 15ml of product.  The brush is very nice and easy to work with as you get your nails done in a few strokes.  The formula is on the thick side and is fully opaque in two coats.  As with most neon nail polishes, this one dries to a rather matte finish but you can always apply a glossy top coat if you want a glossy finish.  Two things which I am not very fond of are the drying time (it does take some time for the polish to be fully dry) and the smell of the polish (it has quite a powerful smell which fades away when the polish is fully dry. However, I recommend working with this polish in a well ventilated area).

Now for the fun part! Here are swatches, manicure ideas and pictures of how this polish would look under UV lights at the disco ;) You can check out the nail art tutorials here.

I totally recommend this nail polish for fun loving nail art enthusiasts and it retails for $4.99 (which you can get 10% off when using the code EBABK31 at checkout). You can get yours here.

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3 comments on "Review: Born Pretty Store Neon Nail Polish in #18"
  1. Such a fun and bright colour! I like the flat brush too!

  2. wow, such an amazing colour :)

  3. seems to be a good quality nail polish. the fact that it glows under UV light is a bonus :)