Review: Born Pretty Store Soak Off Gel Polish in #BC01

Soak-Off Gel Polish is the latest product to take the nail industry by storm and I like the concept of a polish that lasts three weeks without chipping especially when you have busy days ahead and you have no time to touch up or go with a new manicure.

I was sent one of the Soak-Off Gel Polishes from Born Pretty Store to try out and review for you guys.  I chose the shade BC01 which is a glittery gold number with flecks of red glitter thrown in.  The polish is supplied in a cardboard box and the polish itself comes in a brown glass bottle which is painted white (due to UV light sensitivity).

The brush is just the perfect size to work with as it covers all of the nail in just one swipe and only two coats are needed for maximum opaqueness.

Since this is a gel polish, you will need a UV lamp to cure it otherwise it won't dry. Nail preparation is a little different in that you have to buff the whole surface your nails prior to applying the polish to remove oils from your nail bed that will otherwise prevent the gel polish to adhere to the nail. Remember to push back your cuticles as well.  Then, you apply one coat and cure it under the lamp for 3 minutes and repeat for the second coat.

One coat of gel polish
Two coats
An important point here is not to apply any base coat on your nails as it will cause the gel polish to peel off after a couple of days.  When it comes to top coat, you can apply anyone if you so desire but there is no need as this gel polish is not sticky when dry (unlike colour gels used by gel nail technicians) and the glitter does not feel gritty.

Now for lastingness of this gel-polish. Born Pretty Store claim that this polish will last for three weeks. I say that on me, it lasted for one and a half/two weeks as I use latex gloves in my profession and apparently it is not a good combination as the polish peeled off.  I think it would be great if Born Pretty Store stocked soak-off gel base coats and top coats as I'm sure it would help the manicure to last for the whole three weeks.

The polish can either be removed by soaking the nails in acetone polish remover (acetone-free remover will do nothing) and scraping it off with some aluminium foil or else, you can gently buff it away.

I will consider getting more soak-off polishes from Born Pretty Store if they included the base and top coats to the range.  Other than that, this is a good product that I would recommend to anyone leading a busy lifestyle as it is a long-lasting product.  The only requirement is a UV lamp and the whole procedure shouldn't take you more than 20 minutes!

Soak off gels are available in an extensive colour range and you can get yours for 10% off when quoting the code EBABK31 at checkout (normal retail price $10.10).  You can also use this code site wide for all your nail art and cosmetic needs; and remember, shipping is free worldwide with no minimum spend!

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6 comments on "Review: Born Pretty Store Soak Off Gel Polish in #BC01"
  1. I didn't know there are glitter gel polishes, never seen one before. If you don't need base and top coat then application is even faster, great :) And if it lasts for 1,5-2 weeks it's great too, after 2 weeks my nails are long so I remove it anyway. Thanks for the review hun! <3

    1. Glad you found the review useful Natalie :) xxx

  2. Great review. May I ask what lamp you used please ? A 9W one or a 36W ? Thanks

    1. Hi Erika, I used a 36W lamp (4 bulbs x 9W each) xxx

  3. I recently aquired a bottle and it came with a magnet, but no instructions on how to use this particular polish or what to do with the magnet. Now what?