Catrice Fall 2012 New Products Preview

Following from Essence's new products preview, here are the new products from Catrice to join the stands this coming September!


Absolute Eye Colour Mono Eyeshadow

8 new colours join the already existing 19 shades of the Absolute Eye Colour Mono Eyeshadow.  Finishes vary from matt to shimmery and from pearl to satin.

Made to Stay Long Lasting Eyeshadow

Achieve the ultimate metallic shine effect with these eyeshadows that promise to stay put longer without settling in the crease of your eyelids.  Range consists of 6 beautiful shades, 2 of which are new (070 Mauvie Star (left) & 080 Copper & Gabbana).


Kohl Kajal & Precision Eye Pencil

Glamour Doll & Mini Max Precision Volume Mascara

Now it is easy to achieve the world-famous 'doll eyes' look thanks to the specially formulated Glamour Doll Mascara brush which provides length, volume and density.  To further emphasise your eyes, go for the Mini Max mascara which will reach even the shortest of lashes!


Ultimate Lip Glow

This is the product I am most excited about from Catrice! One Shade Fits All! The transparent lipstick contains oils to moisturize the lips and provide individual colour results. On my lips, it turns to a nice warm pink :)

Liquid Lip Tint

Another innovative product from Catrice consisting of three wonderful shades of red.  The more often you apply the colour. the more intense the result! The product has a light, water-based formula and this makes it feel cool and refreshing on the lips. Available in 010 Red My Lips, 020 Wine-Tastic, 030 Are You Red-y?

Lip Appeal Lip Gloss

4 new trendy colours join the Lip Appeal lipgloss range which provide ultimate shine and volume to your lips.  These lipglosses have a subtle vanilla scent and a moisturizing formula.  They come with a special applicator that enables a smoother application. Available in a total of 13 glossy colours.

Ultimate Shine Lip Colour

'Exciting and tempting: The Ultimate Shine lipsticks - ranging from soft nude tones to bright pink and warm coral - plain or with fine shimmer pigments. The creamy, soft texture practically melts with your lips to provide intensive moisture, care and a beautiful shine. Comes in a high quality purist design for an elegant look.' Available in a total of 16 colours, one of which is new.

Ultimate Colour Lip Colour

'Colour, colour, colour: The Ultimate Colour lipstick makes your lips shine with highly pigmented, rich shades. The smooth and creamy pampering texture is extremely long-lasting and provides a gorgeous finish with great coverage - for an amazing appearance that lasts for hours! available in two new shades and a total of 16 colours.'


Ultimate Moisture Fresh Skin Make-Up

'Radiantly beautiful and wonderfully fresh - the new oil-free Ultimate Moisture Fresh Skin Make-Up leaves nothing to be desired.  The foundation with medium coverage offers a long-lasting natural, slightly matt complexion and evens out small irregularities of the skin. Its glycerin ingredients offer plenty of moisture to protect your skin from drying out. With UV filters. Dermatologically tested. Available in four different shades.'

Prime and Fine Highlighting Powder

'A wonderfully light powder that can be used in combination with every Catrice foundation.  The ultra silky Prime and Fine Highlighting Powder adds gorgeous highlights to your face and neckline for a pearly, shimmering finish.'

Defining Blush

'Blush to emphasise your cheekbones - the new Defining Blush makes its grand entrance! The ultra-delicate blush powder with Vitamin C and E ingredients spreads easily and ensures a radiant, silky smooth complexion. With the highly pigmented, soft texture, you can define your cheekbones and model the contours of your face. Available in 6 new colours.'


Ultimate Nail Lacquer

'The fall/winter season remains colourful yet subtle. Ten new colours for your nails freshin up the range. Catrice has them all - colours with ultimate colour intensity, ultimate shine and ultimate coverage. Now in ten new colours and with the flat professional brush for a perfect colour application with just one stroke. Available in a total of 40 hues.'

Catrice Limited Editions

Cruise Couture Collection

Coolibri Limited Edition

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  1. I love how you included all the swatches babe and the photos of the stands too :D x

    1. Thanks Dyna :) they took some time to do but I think the effort is well worth :)

  2. Great post, thanks so much for the swacthes hun! The new products look amazing, the eyeshadows, the lip tints, oohh, I want them all!

    1. I promise they don't just look amazing Natalie!

  3. I love all the Catrice products, really amazed by their quality and they have found their way into my every day routine :) Great swatches, looking forward to try some of the new products soon.