Review: Born Pretty Store Bamboo Nail Art Brush

Finding the right detailing brush for nail art is no easy quest to accomplish and I am always on the look-out for the ideal brush. What I look for mainly is a nice fine point on the bristles for detailed works such as flowers and the likes. To date, I have accumulated quite a good number of detailing brushes since I like to replace them often.

Thereby as soon as I was asked by Born Pretty Store to choose some products to review, I picked this bamboo brush. Which comes with a protective plastic sleeve for the bristles. I have never had a bamboo brush for nail art so this was what intrigued me to try this brush the most.

I wasn't disappointed with my choice as the brush feels very sturdy and it is quite long, making it more ergonomic to hold and hence, you can achieve nice, detailed nail art effortlessly.  I am really happy with the quality of this brush as it is easy to clean and has never shed a single hair.  I also like that the hairs are just the right length and hence, the results are flawless, especially where lines are concerned.

Finally, here are two designs that I created using solely this brush:

The brush retails for $1.95 from the Born Pretty Store website.  You can take 10% off the price when quoting the code EBABK31 at checkout.

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  1. How big is the bristles? I need a new one too, mine is a paintbrush at 0000 but its gone a bit bad from over use of acetone.