Review: Catrice Ultimate Moisture Fresh Skin Make-Up in 010 Light Beige

As I was sorting all the make-up products I got from the Essence and Catrice bloggers' event in the beginning of the month, I realised I didn't get many face products as opposed to the quantity of nail polishes and eyeshadows and other stuff I got.  I only chose two blushes myself and I got the new Catrice Ultimate Moisture Fresh Skin Make-up in 010 Light Beige and the Catrice Prime and Fine Highligther in 010 Fairy Dust in the Catrice goody bag.

Since I sorted my skin problem, I am trying to stick to products that I know for sure that they won't break me out or wreck havoc with my sensitive skin.  However, I was still intrigued by Catrice's new foundation and I was happy that I got one in my goody bag.  Moreover, the shade 010 Light Beige is the perfect shade for my skin tone.

The packaging is very sleek and light-weight, just like the actual product! And believe it or not, it was one of the factors that convinced me to try the foundation. Why? Because ever since I learnt that I will be going to Paris, I started wrecking my brain over which products to take with me because of the bulky packaging beauty products are sometimes supplied in. I thought that I'd give this foundation a go and if it works for me, I'll pack it and luckily for me, it worked! Also, I think the packaging makes the product look more expensive than it actually is (I believe it will retail around the €6 mark once it is available in September).

The tube holds 30ml of product and after you take off the twist off cap at the bottom, you just squeeze out the required amount of product through a tiny hole. Thereby, you can control the amount of foundation that comes out.  The only downside of the packaging is that you cannot see how much product you have left.

Now, on to the actual product. The texture of the foundation is very light-weight and consequently it doesn't feel heavy on the skin and when blended out it gives a nice, even tone. Moreover, it is easily absorbed. It dries to a semi-matt finish and lasts all day on my oily skin. Foundation is not something I use everyday but for the purpose of testing this out, I even wore it to work and got a ton of compliments on how fresh and natural the product looks (even after 12 hours in a full on a/c environment).  

Catrice Ultimate Moisture Fresh Skin Make-Up in 010 Light Beige
It provides medium coverage which I love (I tend to go for light-medium coverage foundations), it is oil-free and is therefore suitable for people with oily skin types and also has UV filters. Although it is oil free, this foundation deeply hydrating and this makes it suitable also for people with drier skin types. This foundation is dermatologically tested and is non-comedogenic.  In fact, it hasn't broke me out.

This foundation is available in 4 shades namely, 010 Light Beige, 020 Sand, 030 Honey & 040 Sun Beige with the first two having a pink under-tone and the latter two bearing a yellow under-tone. Judging by the colours, I don't think they are suitable for the very dark skin tones but they are aimed more at paler and medium skin tones.

To sum up, I totally recommend this foundation to anyone (provided they don't have very dark skin) wanting a nice foundation for everyday use that won't clog pores and feels nice and fresh till the end of the day.

Catrice Ultimate Moisture Fresh Skin Make-Up will be available in pharmacies in September 2012.

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6 comments on "Review: Catrice Ultimate Moisture Fresh Skin Make-Up in 010 Light Beige"
  1. I'm slowing adding this foundation in my favourite foundation list too, it's quite a good foundation I was pleasantly surprised! Martina

    1. I still love the NYX foundation but this is good as well and it's cheaper :)

  2. Ooh I got this in my goody bag too but had to give it to a friend as the colour was too light for me. It's a shame though as it sounds really good and as an oily skinned lady this might be perfect- will have to pop out later and see if I can find it in a darker colour! xx

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    1. I think the next shade i.e. 020 Sand would be the one for you Rhi :) It is a nice product especially for oily skin so I'd say give it a go ;)

    2. Dear Lara,

      I live in the Netherlands where this foundation is no longer available.

      Can you please inform me if this foundation in 020 sand is available at your end. I would love to purchase it from somewhere as it is the best foundation I ever used. For me this foundation beated my collistar foundation which is very expensive.

      a super alternative !

      Kind regards,

    3. Hi Maria,

      Sure no problem, I will check if it is available and get back to you :)