The Exit Interview Series: Volume #12

This month, apart from empties, I have some other products to share with you that I have cleared out of my make-up stash simply because I just don't use them or because they don't cut for me so I'm gonna start with those first...

Starting with elf, the Studio Cream Eyeliners in Midnight and Metallic Olive have dried out! I think it is because of the plastic pot. I won't be repurchasing any of these as I have found my Essence and Catrice ones to work better and they come in glass jars so hopefully they won't dry out. Also, the prices of most elf products have gone up.  Also from elf is the Liquid Eyeliner in Black. I find this too harsh looking and I rarely get around to use it. I like my gel eyeliners far better. Lastly, the two eyeshadow trios that came with some Limited Edition Christmas set. I have dupes for all colours which are far more pigmented than these and they last much longer.

I have also thrown out an array of pencils because I have finished them up (the Estee Lauder lip pencil and the Technic kohl pencil were part of my P10P too) or simply because I never got round to use them (they are mostly tween magazine freebies).  A sticky twist up lipgloss had the same fate as did the Witch skin clearing primer which did nothing for my skin except break it out more.

Moving on, here are the actual products I managed to use up this month:

The facial wipes, the Essence concealer and the nail polish remover surely need no introduction as by now you know that I buy backups of each before I finish the product. One thing to mention though is that the Lycia wipes now have a new packaging and the wipes have a new texture to them to help remove make-up more effectively.

I was trying to use up the Nivea toner as part of my skin care product detox programme so I ended up using it instead of Rose Water to freshen up my skin from time to time. I am now trying to use up the Bioderma Sebium and Witch Hazel Skin Toner which hopefully I would have finished by next month.

Lastly, nail polishes. I has a nail polish clear out too and threw away any gloopy nail polishes that I came across and these are the ones that hit the bin.  I have already bought a larger back-up of the Orly Nailtrition as seriously it is the best base coat for nails as it contains keratin and bamboo extracts if I'm not mistaken. Also, my nails don't stain.  On the other hand, the Orly Top 2 Bottom makes for a great base coat too, not so much of a top coat though as polish starts to chip within 2 days.  I liked the Essence High Shine Top Coat but I am now using their Gel Look Top Coat as it gives more shine to a manicure.  The other two are just nail polishes that I have used up.

Lastly, here is a product that was in my P10P but I didn't manage to use up because I dropped it when clearing out my stash and it ended up in pieces:

Max Factor Creme Puff in 85 Light 'n' Gay
Have you used up any products this month? or did you clear out items you don't use/need?

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  1. I used a couple up but not many. I prefer my gel eyeliners too, maybelline has one in a glass jar too which lasts amazingly. You have done very well this month!