Review: Born Pretty Store AODL UV Gel Top Coat

If you recall this review about one of Born Pretty Store's soak off gels, I had mentioned that I would have liked it more if the range had a top coat to go with it, so you can imagine my joy when I logged on the Born Pretty Store website to choose the next products to review and saw this gel top coat as part of the new nail art arrivals!! So let's have a look at the packaging first.  Basically the gel top coat comes in a white painted brown glass bottle (due to UV light sensitivity) and it has the basic polish brush applicator. I found that the brush is the ideal size as you only need a couple of swipes to cover the whole nail.

The consistency is thick but still very easy to work with, just be careful not to load the brush too much otherwise, the gel will slide onto the nail wall (skin surrounding the nails) and cause the polish to lift. Also, make sure to cap the free edge of the nail to ensure maximum wear. The topcoat does have a strong scent but it goes away once it is cured for 4 minutes under UV light.  It can be used on gel nails, acrylics and even natural nails! That means that now you can wear your favourite nail polish longer...two weeks to be exact as that is how long nail polish lasted on me with this top coat. After a week I started noticing a little tip wear on some nails but on the second week it was more evident so I took off my manicure.

Freshly applied polish with AODL UV Gel Top Coat

Tip-wear after 1 week
I also tried this to coat over glitter polish and it really smooths it out and removes that gritty glitter feeling. Moreover, rhinestones and other nail art embellishments last until you take them off yourself.

Glitter polish with AODL UV Gel Top Coat
It is important to cleanse nails with some nail cleaner to remove the sticky residue that the gel top coat leaves and also, make sure that the nail polish underneath is fully dry before applying the top coat as otherwise the nail polish will end up wrinkled. To remove, simply soak nails in some nail polish remover or else, you can use the foil removal method where you wrap a cotton pad soaked in polish remover around your nails and hold it in place with some aluminium foil and take everything off after a few minutes.

Overall I am really pleased with the results this top coat delivers and would definitely recommend it to anyone who doesn't have that much time on their hands to change nail polish regularly as well as anyone wanting a high shine finish to their manicure!

AODL UV Gel Top Coat retails for $10.10 from the Born Pretty Store website.

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