Review: Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipsticks

If I had a Euro for every time someone tells me that Catrice lipsticks are amazing, I would probably have accumulated a small fortune. And...if I get another Euro for each compliment I receive on the pigmentation whenever I wear one of their lipsticks, I would have enough money to buy myself a pair of Louboutins!! 

Joking apart, today, I will be reviewing the Ultimate Colour range today to ascertain that yes, Catrice Cosmetics do amazing lipsticks! For Catrice virgins, the cosmetic line has two lipstick ranges, namely, Ultimate Colour and Ultimate Shine.  The differences between the two are
a) Ultimate Colour lipsticks have a black case whilst Ultimate Shine lipsticks have a shiny silver case
b) the Ultimate Colour range consists of richly pigmented shades that offer high coverage and shine while the Ultimate Shine range consists of more shimmery (though not all), moisturizing shades.

To date, I have 5 Ultimate Colour lipsticks and obviously, I have my eyes on more (I was even thinking of buying the whole range! but sadly, some of them don't suit me). I had already reviewed the first 2 shades I got so you might want to check this post out for a more detailed review on 190 The Nuder The Better & 110 Pink Me Up!

Anyway, let's start with the packaging first.  As I said earlier, the Ulitmate Colour lipsticks come in a sleek, black metal case which feels very sturdy and makes the product look more expensive than it actually is! The sticker at the bottom bears a swatch of the actual colour as well as the name and the number of the shade.  I like this as I can store them with the sticker upwards in the lipstick rack so I can easily see which one I want.

030 Ginger & Fred | 130 Frozen Rose | 070 Light The Fire
190 The Nuder The Better | 110 Pink Me Up!
The bullets are not always the shape as can be seen in the picture below and I have to say I much prefer the flat type but most lipsticks seem to come with the lip-hugging bullet. The pigmentation of these lipsticks is awesome and there is a vast range of colours to suit all tastes and complexions.  What I like most about this range is the number of red lipsticks available. We all know how difficult it can be to find THE prefect red lipstick but with the Ultimate Colour Lipsticks range from Catrice, you are bound to find your perfect shade!

The lipsticks all feel very moisturising and creamy and they glide on your lips effortlessly with maximum coverage right from the very first application and that pretty much explains why my marriage with Catrice lipsticks will stay in the honeymoon stage! Moreover, the lasting power is around 3 hours which is excellent in my opinion.

Finally here are the swatches:

030 Ginger & Fred |   070 Light The Fire  |  110 Pink Me Up! 
130 Frozen Rose | 190 The Nuder The Better | 
190 The Nuder The Better
Basic beige nude that suits light skin tones perfectly
130 Frozen Rose
Muted pale pink that suits most skin tones even the slightly darker ones
110 Pink Me Up!
Bright pink suitable for all skin types
070 Light The Fire
An orange based red that suits darker skin tones and
people with fair skin and dark hair
030 Ginger & Fred
A nice deep wine colour with subtle golden shimmers
Looks great on all skintones
The Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipsticks range comprises 16 shades, 2 of which are new and they retail for €4.50 each from the main pharmacies around Malta & Gozo. 

070 Light The Fire is a PR Sample.

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  1. lovely ginger n fred :)

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    1. Ginger and fred is one of my faves too Hina :) Keep up the good work on your blog!