Review: Essence Vampire's Love Trend Edition (November 2011)

In anticipation of the Essence Breaking Dawn Trend Edition coming out in November, here's a thorough look at the past year's Vampire's Love Trend Edition.

The Vampire's Love Trend Edition was created with the various vampire series which were all the hype (and still continue to be).  At first, I was only interested in the Cheek Stain or Blush Gelee but when the stand was available at the blogger's event organized by PharmaMT, I also got all 5 nail polishes and the two lip stains.  The other products were either already taken or they didn't appeal to me.

Blush Gelee in 01 Bloody Mary

I was intrigued by this blush because I had never used a jelly blush before and I really wanted to try one. Also, being from Essence I wan't going to break the bank and spend a lot of money on a product I didn't even know I liked.  It took me quite some time to find this on sale as apparently the collection sold out within a few hours so you can imagine my joy when I popped into a pharmacy to get something else from Essence and found this blush calling me out! I grabbed it faster than you can say Essence and it was finally mine!
It may look scary in the bottle and at first I thought about using it as a lip stain instead but after seeing the product featured on other blogs, I convinced myself to use as intended. You really need a teeny tiny amount of this as a little goes a loooong way and make sure to wash your fingers thoroughly as it tends to stain the skin.  I like how it give me a nice healthy, pink flush and it dries to a nice matt finish.  The pump dispenser is very convenient as you can control the amount of product that comes out and the bottle being clear lets you know how much product there is left.  The blush has a sweet smell that eventually fades away. You can have a more in depth review on this product here.  I bought mine for €2.79 for 13ml.

Lipstain in 01 Bloody Mary & 02 True Love

The colours of both of these lip stains are both very reminiscent of vampires and fit the theme exactly. I haven't worn these yet but from the swatches I can definitely say that the colour pay-off is excellent and that they really do stain the lips.  I really love the sweet scent they impart and I am sure I will get a lot of wear of them this Fall season! 01 Bloody Mary is a deep plum while 02 True Love is a nice jelly red.

Blush Gelee in 01 Bloody Mary (left)
Lipstain in 01 Bloody Mary (far right, top) | 02 True Love (far right, bottom)

Nail Polishes

There were 5 nail polishes in this collection all of which are very dusky with a variety of effects. My favourite is 03 True Love. As a general note, the brushes are the perfect size to work with on my nails and the formulas are all easy to work with and they dry quickly.

01 Gold Old Buffy ~ Black creme with gold shimmer
02 Into The Dark ~ Mid navy blue with silver shimmer
03 True Love ~ Metallic plum purple
04 The Dawn is Broken ~ Grey creme with black particles
05 Hunt Me If You Can ~ Black creme with silver shimmer

Also available in the collection were a six piece eyeshadow palette, volume lash powder (now part of the permanent line), shimmer powder, eau de toilette.

I am already planning what to get from the new Breaking Dawn Trend Edition and on top of my wishlist is the perfume. Anyone got any of these products? What will you be getting from the new collection? 

All products were PR samples except the Blush Gelee

5 comments on "Review: Essence Vampire's Love Trend Edition (November 2011)"
  1. I am pretty much obsessed with vampires, way too many of my posts are vampire themed! I love that essence have embraced the vampire love. All the products here look fab, I will have to see if any are still available! I got the Vampire's Love highlighter and eye palette at the event and love them both SO MUCH! xx

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  2. Didnt know they were bringing out another vampire style collection! Exciting!

    1. It's supposed to be out in November but we get them much later here. The new stuff is slowly being available so when I find everything I'll post them in one package :) xx

    2. don't worry about it. One package sounds good to me :)

  3. i wish it would be available in my country because I'm a big fan of jelly blush and lip stains! :D