The Exit Interview Series: Volume #13

This month I feel really proud of myself in terms of empties as I have managed to use a product that was included in my Project-Ten-Pan and 4 more skin care products that I was trying to go through amongst others. So let's dig into it!

First up is Nivea Creme which has been a staple product for years now. I had this small tin in my work bag so that I could apply it after each time I was my hands as constant washing with a alcohol-based soap and latex gloves can really irritate the skin.  It is not my favourite hand cream mainly because of the thick consistency that takes ages to be absorbed and it still feels greasy after.  I definitely won't be re-purchasing this and I am glad it came for free in a goody-bag.

Moving on to skin care and beauty in general, this month I used up quite a few products:

Starting with another Nivea product, this month I finally managed to use up this Caregloss & Shine in Natural after it lasing me for ages and I decided to include it in my Project-Ten-Pan. I really liked this product and when I am out of lipbalms (I still have a lot to go through) I will buy one again, maybe in another variety.

I also used up a deodorant from D&P Perfumum that a friend of mine gave me.  Basically what they do at D&P Perfumum is they have a list of perfumes and they can give you an imitation in either deodorant format or perfume format.  The downside is that they only come with the perfume code so in my case I didn't know what the perfume was but I liked the scent and it lasted all day.  I have another to go through but while I really liked them, I think I will stay faithful to Impulse's Hint of Musk as it is my favourite deodorant.

As for the skin care products, I am only going to re-purchase the Effaclar Mat moisturizer and the Montagne Jeunesse Mask.  I have said it before how much I like both of these products and I like the results they deliver so here is no doubt they always find they way in my skin care stash.

On the other hand, I won't be repurchasing the others for various reasons.  Let me start with the Iseree pads first.  These do their make-up removal and exfoliating jobs well but you have to use quite a lot to take off all the make-up and they tend to leave a sticky film of moisture behind. The same goes for the Bioderma Sebium. It is an excellent product and it hasn't broke me out or anything but I don't like non-rinse formulas. I had to wash my face after using this so I was defeating the product's purpose. And yes I purely bought it because of all the hype it was receiving on other beauty blogs and it totally deserves it. It's just not my cup of hot chocolate tea.

Lastly, the Witch Hazel Skin Toner. This is another good product which unfortunately I won't be repurchasing. While it does a very good job at helping prevent and treat current spots, this toner is very drying, hence you have to rinse it away.  I much prefer rose water as I can even use it around my eyes, it doesn't dry me out and I don't have to rinse it off.

That's it for this month's empties! How did you do this month?

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