NOTW: Holographic Fusion

I have finally found some time to do proper nail art this week. I have a lot of new polishes that I haven't used yet and I decided to start with one of my favourites... Gosh 549 Holographic Hero which Misha from Enigmatic Rambles kindly sent me.

I had wanted a holographic polish for ages and now I finally have one :D I was unsure how to wear it though so I opted to pair it with black and this is the end result:

Here's a step-by-step tutorial to achieve the look:

1. Start with a base coat to protect your natural nails.

2. When dry, apply two coats of Gosh Holographic Hero to all the nails.

3. For the dots, start by painting half the nail with Essie Licorice in a diagonal fashion and using a medium-sized dotting tool, dot three or four dots along the lower edge of the black polish.  Place your dotter half on the silver polish and half on the black polish to make the black dots look like they are coming out of the black part.  Place black dots on the silver area as shown in the pictures.

4. Repeat with the silver polish on the black end to achieve the full effect.

5. Seal with a top coat to protect your design.

4 comments on "NOTW: Holographic Fusion"
  1. This is lovely, I love Gosh holographic polish, can't stop looking at my nails when I've got it on :)

    1. Thank you Laura :) I'm so glad I finally got it!

  2. the black really makes the holo pop. Gorgeous

    1. Thank you :) Great minds think alike :)