Paris & Birthday Haul

I have combined all the purchases I made in Paris and some gifts I received for my birthday in this post as there are quite a few items, so let's jump right into it!

The establishments I wanted to visit the most were Sephora and H&M as sadly we have neither of them on this tiny rock I live in. Luckily for me, both establishments were just a few doors away on Champs Elysees and just across the road from each other on Boulevard Haussmann (the same street where the largest Galeries Lafayette complex is located). The stores are huge but I was only disappointed with two things from H&M; 1. THE Anna Dello Russo Collection was nowhere to be seen & 2. only the bigger sizes were left from the Lana Del Rey Collection :( but I still managed to grab some stylish pieces including a pair of nude beige heels that I have been after for ages now!

First up are these two blazers which immediately caught my eyes because of their simple and elegant details. The first is a cream number that has a subtle double lapel and the other is a stone and black number that is very elegant and goes with a lot of things in my wardrobe.  These were €39.95 each.

More from H&M are some face masks (€1.95 each), this 12-pair earring pack for (€4.95) and this cable knit sweater which was only €24.95.  I also opted for a sleek black umbrella (€5.95) because I forgot to pack mine and the weather was quite gloomy on most days.

...and lastly, a pair of nude beige heels which only cost €29.95.

At Sephora, I darted straight towards the MAC counter and bought Naked Paris for myself and Verve (€18 each) for my Mum. I have to admit that apart from the colour, I was also drawn to the lipstick because of the name :). I also bought Chanel Rouge Coco in 39 Paradis (€30.31) for myself.  The other Chanel Rouge Coco (16 Taffetta's Rose) was much cheaper (€23.60) because I bought it duty free so I guess next time I will restrain myself and buy Chanel at the airport on my way back.

The last purchase from Sephora consisted of two perfumes; Chanel No.5 for me and Dior Addict for Mum. Although the Chanel perfume set me back €57.90 I am really happy that I finally got a larger bottle of my all time favourite perfume! I was also given a sample of Burberry The Beat and Zadig & Voltaire For Her.

This is probably the cheekiest purchase from the whole trip and I am guilty of buying these on impulse just to say that I have actually bought something from Galeries Lafayette...

...yepp, that's right...three pairs of undies from the Avant Premiere range that set me back €34.97.

Moving on to more accessories, I spent €24.80 at Pimkie in return for these babies:

Lastly, here are some souvenirs and collectibles...
I always buy a pretty shot glass whenever I visit somewhere new and I write down the dates of my visit on the bottom and I also bought a mini Eiffel Tower to keep in my room.  From Versailles, I bought a shoes' postcard (Queen Marie Antoinette was an avid shoe lover, the only thing I agree with her on) and anther postcard which sums up what I think myself to be... La Petite Parisienne ;). I couldn't pass up two collectors' editions of some Versailles stamps as well as 5 medallions with Paris' most famous landmarks.

I also bought two black and white prints to hang in my room:

The last purchase from Paris was this Bioderma lipbalm which I am hoping to find here in Malta because it is really soothing for chapped lips and it starts the repair process immediately! The nail polish, on the other hand, was an ebay purchase I made before jetting off and it arrived while I was away. It is a limited edition Wet n Wild from the Fergie Collection and it is called Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

As for birthday gifts, this year Mum, Dad and my brother all gave me cash to spend on holiday while Johan bought me this beautiful Tresor Paris bracelet which I have been after for quite some time now:

I wanted the white version because I wanted something different from the others I have seen.  The only thing is that he couldn't get it with lime green beads to match my new Tresor Paris earrings that I got for free from a Facebook event during the last weekend of September from which I was also eligible for a free Spinning Ring.

So that concluded this haul ladies! If there are any products you would like me to review or post OOTD's with any of the clothes, just let me know in your comments :)

3 comments on "Paris & Birthday Haul"
  1. The blazers are really classy and will go with lots of things. Chanel lipstick, how extravagant ;) Love how you bought pants just to say you bought something there, that is something I would do lol!

    The bracelet you got for your birthday is nice too, your man has good taste and knows what you would like.

    1. I already have some outfits with which I can incorporate the blazers ;) Let's just say I used the money I received to buy the Chanel lipsticks as a bday pressie :P

      Indeed he does! He's a gem and knows me all too well :)

  2. I love nude pumps, I need a pair of them! I like the b&w designs, the look sooo elegant!