Review: Born Pretty Store Quadrant Nail Art Stamping Plate TO-06

Nail art stamping plates have really been a revelation in the world of nails because now everyone can create intricate designs on their nails without trying too hard.

Born Pretty Store have now launched a whole new range of larger stamping plates with designs that suit even the smallest of nail beds.  My favourite is the TO-06 with a nice variety of the ever popular floral and butterfly designs as well as some other miscellaneous motifs such as snowflakes and hearts.

The plate comes with a protective cover (which you have to take off prior to use) as well as a protective thin plastic sleeve for storage when not in use.  There are 45 designs on any given plate which will leave you spoilt for choice. Moreover, the image plate is conveniently sized to fit in your nail art kit and is suitable for both professional and amateur use.

Basically, you use the image plate in the same way you would any other... apply a generous amount of polish (check out my review on the GCOCL Stamping Polish Set from BPS) on your chosen design, scrape the excess away, roll the stamper onto the design and transfer on your nails! Just remember that you have to be quite quick so that the polish does not dry out before you transfer your design.  Also, make sure you clean the plate, scraper and stamper after every use to ensure that all your designs come out nicely. Take care not to cut your fingers on the edges of the plate and if necessary, just file them down with some sand paper.

There was one thing I noticed with this plate that is different from the others I own.  Due to the small nature of the designs, some of them are not very deeply engraved and so they might not come out perfect.  I'd say use a very fine detailing brush to touch up your design and it should work out.

Here is a simple design I created:

BPS Products used: TO-06 Image Plate | AODL UV Gel Top Coat | 1.5mm round gold stud rhinestones

There are 8 plates in the range and they retail for $4.99 each.  Quote the code EBABK31 at checkout for 10% off your order and free shipping.

*Use code BPS12 for 12% off your order until 30th October 2012*

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2 comments on "Review: Born Pretty Store Quadrant Nail Art Stamping Plate TO-06"
  1. looks like this particular design isn't cut right. Shame because the other plates they do mostly stamp well. I like what you've done though, with the stud :)

  2. I can see some very pretty designs! I checked out BPS website a couple days ago and wow, they have so many cool new products!