Review: Born Pretty Store Rhinestone Picking Kit

One of the questions I get asked very frequently is how on earth do I manage to pick up a rhinestone and place it exactly where I want it in a nail art design.  There are various ways how you can do this, from using a pair of rhinestone tweezers, to picking them up with a wet q-tip or using a dotting tool dipped in clear polish.

Today, I will be showing you another way of applying rhinestones.  Enter the Born Pretty Store Rhinestone Picking Kit.

Essentially, the kit comes with a white wax pencil to pick up the rhinestones/embellishments with, a small triangular tray in which to put your tiny pieces and a small tube (9ml) of E6000 glue which is mainly intended for craft use such as sticking cabochons for DIY jewellery and affixing larger embellishments such as plastic bows on mobile phone cases.

First up, a word about the glue. I didn't use this glue and I certainly do not want to, on my nails at least.  The reason being that E6000 is an industrial strength glue and I don't want to cause any damage to nails when taking off rhinestones.  Moreover, it is recommended that you work with this glue in a well ventilated area as it may cause nausea, dizziness or headaches and it can also irritate the skin and eyes.

With that out of the way, let's move on to the wax pencil and tray.  I think this pair is a novel idea that makes rhinestone picking easier especially where the smallest ones are concerned.  The pencil is made of white wax and I suggest you sharpen it to a flat edge so that there is more surface area for the rhinestone to stick to. (What I did was just sharpen the pencil as per usual and then, cut off the pointy edge with a pair of scissors).  The tray, proves to be very useful when for example you want to select a specific colour and the rhinestones are mixed in their storage container. You can easily spread them out and pick out the ones you want.  Furthermore, the shape makes up for mess-free storage of rhinestones back in their wheel or pot and for this reason, the tray also proves to be useful when doing caviar and velvet manicures!

I recommend this kit to anyone keen on DIY as well as nail art enthusiasts and you can even get yours for 10% off when entering the code EBABK31 at checkout. This kit retails for $4.17, alternatively you can opt for this kit that retails for $1.99.

*Until the 31st of October, if you enter the code BPS12 at checkout, you get 12% off your order. Shipping is always free worldwide*

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2 comments on "Review: Born Pretty Store Rhinestone Picking Kit"
  1. Triangle shape helps with storage, clever idea! I have a hard time picking up rhinestones so I'll definitely check it out :D

  2. Yeah the little plate seems like a good idea but not too sure about the wax pencil idea. That glue would be perfect for sticking cabochons though :)