NOTW: Saran wrap Manicure

A trend that has currently been on the rise in the nail artistry world, is the saran wrap or cling film manicure. I had a go at the look myself and I was actually pretty pleased with the result! Marbled nails in no time and it is much less messy than water marble (although the end result is different). Here are the pictures and tutorial:

1. Prep nails with a base coat and paint on two coats of a base nail polish of your choice. I used Essence Colour & Go in 111 English Rose. Allow to dry thoroughly.

2. Prepare some pieces of saran wrap and working one nail at a time, paint on a fairly thick coat of a contrasting colour and gently dab the wrap until you get the effect you want. My second polish is E.L.F. Desert Haze.

3. When satisfied, seal your design with a top coat and that's it!

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