Review: E.L.F. Studio Stipple Brush & Small Stipple Brush

I was requested to review the E.L.F. Studio Stipple Brush and the new Small Stipple Brush when I showed them in a haul post.  So, after testing them thoroughly, here is the much awaited review!

Being part of the studio line, the stipple brushes come in a plastic pouch with a silver carton bearing the brush name on the front and description as well as care instructions on the back.  The brushes have black handles and ferrules and their name is also engraved in white paint on the handles. The Small Stipple Brush is slightly longer and it is about half the diameter of the regular Stipple Brush. Only the larger brush comes with a bristle guard. The brushes are both flat-topped.

Speaking of bristles, both brushes have taklon bristles that can be used with both wet and dry and make-up formulas. There are two types of bristles, the short black ones and the longer white ones. Different sized bristles are what makes stipple brushes ideal for creating an airbrushed look and these two particular ones are also good at building up coverage as required.

I prefer to use these stipple brushes with liquid products for a more flawless application.  I reserve the bigger one for foundation and the smaller one for mousse blush as it gives a more natural finish to the make-up.

The brushes are very soft and even after washing, they retain their shape and softness. I have never noticed any shedding and the black bristles do not bleed. Moreover, the white bristles do not retain any colour from make-up products after washing.

I would recommend these brushes are a cheaper alternative to other brands' higher priced stipple brushes and you can get them from the E.L.F. Cosmetics websites at just £3.75 each.   

4 comments on "Review: E.L.F. Studio Stipple Brush & Small Stipple Brush"
  1. You use the standard size stipple brush for liquid foundation? Thanks for the review I've ordered the small one, plan on using it for overly pigmented blush. :)

  2. Yes that's precisely what I do :) I pour a little foundation on the back of my hand and dip the brush in it, then stipple it on my face. They are excellent with highly pigmented products because the fibres give a more natural finish :)

  3. Thanks so much for the detailed review Lara! I'm happy to read they don't lose hairs, I'll probably buy them with my next elf order! :D

  4. Great post! I can't wait to try this out.

    Jodie x