Review: Pupa Milano Limited Edition Diamond Deco Collection

Inspired by the iconic movie stars of the 1930's, Pupa Milano have created the Diamond Deco Collection (limited edition).  The collection consists of unique pieces in rich, metallic colours that are very reminiscent of that era.

In this post, I will be reviewing the Diamond Eyeshadow 04 and Diamond Eyeliner 03.

The eyeshadows in the Deco Collection are presented in a luxurious looking compact with a thick gold rim on the lid (the one I received is a sample product, hence the different packaging).  The clear part of the lid makes it easy to pick the colour you want and the each eyeshadow comes with a sponge applicator.  The 3-dimensional faceted shape lends a more luxurious feel to the product by making it look like a diamond or precious stone...very 1930's!

Pupa Milano never fails to impress both in terms of packaging as well as quality of their products. The eyeshadow is amazingly pigmented and can be used both wet or dry.  The effect is equally fantastic but the emerald reflects are enhanced further when the product is used wet. I haven't had any issues with fallouts and the product lasts well both with and without primer, irrespectable of wet or dry application.  I would describe the colour as dark brown with deep purple undertones and gold/emerald reflects throughout. Truly a unique colour and the pictures really don't do it any justice!

Wet, no primer; dry, no primer (left)
Wet, with primer; dry, with primer (right)
There are four different colours of eyeshadow in the collection and the one shown here is 04 Emerald Glitter Deco.  RRP €12.50 for 3.5g of product.

Next up is the glitter eyeliner gel in 03 Copper Glitter Deco. Now this is a product that although it looks beautiful with its gold, blue, silver and orange glitter mix, I would have skipped it with the idea that the glitter would now show up as beautifully on my eyes.  In that case, I would have been very wrong!

When I first swatched the product, I was totally blown away with the quality of it and I really liked the fact that the glitter is not sparse at all! The applicator is a small brush and delivers a good amount of product with each application.  Packaging is all plastic and is typical of liquid eyeliners.

What's different with this eyeliner is the gel base which even though it does take some time to dry, I think it is a good point somehow because it gives you time to correct mistakes. However, once dry, it will stay put until you take it off and you won't be left will glitter all over your face. The product can be used both on its own or on top of eyeshadow/eyeliner/eyepencil for an extra sparkly look. 

Diamond Deco Glitter Eyeliner is available in 4 sparkly shades. RRP €10.90 for 4.5ml of product.

Also available in the Diamond Deco Collection are 2 XL Retractable Lipsticks (€10.50 each), 2 Light Diffusing Illuminating Gels and 4 beautiful metallic nail polish shades (€5.60 each).

Watch this space for a sparkly party look featuring both of these products just in time for NYE!

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4 comments on "Review: Pupa Milano Limited Edition Diamond Deco Collection"
  1. The diamond eyeliner is so pretty!

    1. Indeed it is Natalie! It was a bit hard to take pictures of though :S

  2. I tried the eyeliner on it's own however i think with a base eyeliner it's better... still have to try it though :)

    1. It looks good both ways but I have to agree with you that with a base it looks better :)