Review: RevitaLash Volumizing Primer in Navy

Last month I finally got my Meg's Make-up points package and among all the amazing stuff that was in there, there was this tube of RevitaLash Volumizing Primer.  I was quite excited about this product as I know that RevitaLash products are of optimal quality but they can be quite expensive.  Here is what I have to say about this product.

Starting with packaging, the primer is supplied in a blue carton box on which there are listed the ingredients, company address, and as you would expect, product name and volume. On the box it also says that the primer is Dermatologist and Opthalmologist reviewed, it is clinically tested, hypoallergenic and non-irritating. The company also states that it is part of Eco-Coalition and that a portion of all proceeds go towards breast cancer research initiatives.  The company also states that the finished product has not been tested on animals. The primer itself is presented as a navy blue mascara with a standard wand and carries a 6 month expiry period.

Now, a lash primer is not something I would have bought myself primarily because my lashes are quite long and mascara holds nicely on them but seeing the RevitaLash one provides lashes with volume (something I always look for in a mascara) and it claims to strengthen the lashes, I thought of giving it a go just the same.

Right from the very first application, Ii noticed that my lashes appeared more volumized but using the product didn't make a difference as to the length of stay of the mascara.  However, after a few uses, I did notice that I wasn't losing any eyelashes while removing my eye make-up so I guess the strengthening properties of the primer must have kicked in. I have never experienced any irritation in my eyes while using this product even when wearing contact lenses.

RevitaLash applied to the upper lashes of the right eye. Left eye bears nothing
Mascara only on the left upper eyelashes, mascara over RevitaLash primer on the right upper eyelashes

I like that the primer is blue in colour as I think it is easier to coat with mascara and it also doubles up as a blue mascara if you wanted to! Also, I didn't have any issues with removal.

Overall, I really like this primer and I would totally recommend it to anyone with sparse eyelashes as well as anyone seeking more volume to their lashes. The only thing that's making me hesitate to buy the product myself is the price as I don't think spending $24 on a product that you have to throw away after a short time is sensible.

RevitaLash Volumizing Primer retails for $24 for 7.39ml (0.25 Fl. Oz.).

Product was sent to me by along with other products after submission of 250 make-up points and payment of $15 international postage fee.

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