The Exit Interview Series: Volume #15

This month I have been busy trying to use up more products before I buy any more of the same kind. I am currently working my way through shower gels and body lotions and the likes and I am pleased to say that I used up a handful of products. As usual, here are is the picture and short product descriptions:

Starting with Camay Pink Shower gel, I have used two bottles of this shower gel between October and December and I will definitely buy it again once I go thorough all of the other shower gels I have. It smells very nice and the scent lingers on for quite some time. The bottle is convenient for travelling too because of it's slim packaging. Camay has been one of my fav brands even when I was little and now they are surely going to remain one with their amazing shower gels!

I always make sure to have a The Body Shop scrub in my shower! I just can't get over how soft my skin feels after using them and this month I have used up the Cocoa Butter one. Coconut will always be my favourite but this one was equally good.

This month, my skin was treated twice a week with H&M face masks and they work great! They didn't break me out and my complexion was immediately brighter after using them! A definite re-purchase when I get to hit an H&M store again!

Roberts Rose Water surely needs no introduction, and it goes without saying that, yes, I already bought a back-up.  Sometime, I switched rose water for LRP Effaclar Astringent Lotion and I really liked how it took off excess sebum without drying out my skin. I think I will end up buying this product.  However, I cannot say the same for Effaclar Duo which gave me some small zits on my chin.

Lastly, Nivea Refreshing Cleansing Wipes.  I got these for free from the supermarket and while they do a good job at removing make-up, they did burn my eyes a little, so I am going to stick to my trusty Lycia wipes.

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  1. Sounds good that astringent, I too always get too dried out from these types of things.