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This is the second guest post for this week and this time it is written by Ashley Santiago. She will guide us through some must-have beauty devices that will help us enhance our looks daily. Enjoy!
A little here, a little there. The signs of aging creep up on us and manifest primarily on our faces, for the whole world to see. Fortunately, we have an arsenal of beauty instruments at our disposal so that we can combat the signs of aging and enhance our look regardless of the number of candles on our birthday cake.
Skin Care Instruments
  • Rotating pore cleansing brush. This little gadget will deep clean facial skin and get deep down in the pores to prevent acne breakouts. A rotating pore cleansing brush will also remove all traces of makeup and exfoliate the skin, leaving you with clean, youthful-looking skin that glows.
  • Facial sauna. This steam-emitting skin care instrument deep cleans pores, exfoliates skin and temporarily plumps up facial skin to eliminate the appearance of fine line and wrinkles.
Eye Care Instruments
  • Eyelash curler. A very simple device that is a must-have to enhance your look. An eyelash curler instantly makes eyes appear larger and sexier by lifting and curling upper eyelashes.
  • False eyelashes. If eyelashes are short or sparse, the addition of false eyelashes will enhance your look and draw attention to your eyes. False lashes can be purchased as a full set (one lash for each eye) or as individual lashes to be placed only where needed.
  • Gel Pads. These amazing gel pads come in full size that cover both eyes or small pads that fit under each eye. Worn during sleep, these gel pads help to firm and tone under-eye skin to help eliminate bags, sags and dark circles under the eyes. The cooling comfort of gel pads also help to rejuvenate tired-feeling eyes and reduce the appearance of fine lines around the eyes.
Wraps and Straps
  • A special hair-do requires special treatment, and wrapping hair in a silk head wrap for sleeping will extend the life of the hair-do for a couple extra days.
  • Damaged or dull hair can be rejuvenated by applying a deep conditioning hair treatment to hair at night, wrapping it in a terry cloth turban and allowing the conditioner to work overnight. The turban wrap will heat the hair and conditioner, allowing the product to penetrate the hair shaft deeply and repair hair, plus the turban will keep the conditioning product on your hair and off the pillow.
  • Sleeping in a specially designed chin strap will help prevent the development of a saggy chin or double chin by keeping the chin skin and muscles taunt during your 8 hours of sleep.
Hair Care Instruments
There is no shortage of instruments that can be used to enhance your look by changing the appearance of your hair. Several hair care tools are often needed to achieve the desired look, and since they are relatively inexpensive, it’s possible to have a plethora of hair care instruments at your disposal.
  • A blow dryer with a detachable curl diffuser is a must-have. Both a flat and curved flat iron is needed to achieve either the perfectly straight shiny hair we want or the straight-with-a-sexy-flip look we desire. Curling irons with small barrels, large barrels and brush barrels are useful hair care tools for the time when we want to dress our hair up a bit.
  • Hot rollers, barrel rollers, Velcro rollers and a host of other type of hair rollers deserve a mention, since they are the original hair care instruments that have stood the test of time to enhance women’s looks down through the ages and are still a needed beauty tool today.
Ashley Santiago is an avid learner, traveler, writer and stylist. She attended the University of Iowa and majored in International Studies, but as soon as she graduated, went into cosmetology. She now writes about beauty, health and her career as a stylist at How Do I Become A ...?
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