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Good morning lovelies :) Today I have an extra special post for you from Becka Hamilton and she will take us through different ingredients and points one must consider when buying skin care products. I hope you find the post interesting as much as I did! Enjoy!

A lot of skin care products claim to be revolutionary. Of course, some truly are groundbreaking and offer a lot to their consumers. However, other skin care products pale in comparison, and are simply a waste of money. Still, many conumers get caught up in the exciting commercials with all of the promises of looking younger and better, only to find out they've blown their income on a lemon (which is ironic, beause actual lemons can in fact be very beneficial for skin). Here are a few things to know about skin care products, so that you can make an informed decision.

Anyone wanting to turn back the clock, or better yet, prevent aging, needs to be using sunscreen. A lot of good products already contain sunscreen, though sometimes the amount is not adequate. Anyone wanting to keep their skin looking young for years to come needs to use sunscreen. Ideally, a person would apply sunscreen to their face and body at least twice throughout the day. Without a doubt, sunscreen will do more to protect a person’s skin than any other product. It is never too late; even someone in their 40s and 50s should start wearing sunscreen to prevent more premature aging.

Tretinoin may not perform miracles, but it comes remarkably close. Tretinoin is often found in topical gel and is usually sold as a prescription. It can negate the appearance of wrinkles by causing new skin to form, and it also helps increase collagen production. It can also be used to lessen the appearance of stretch marks all over the body. Finally, many teenagers are familiar with Tretinoin as it is often prescribed for acne.

Alpha-Hydroxy Acids
Anyone who watches television or reads magazines has probably heard of Alpha-Hydroxy Acids. These are naturally occurring acids in some plants and fruits. They work by stimulating old, dead cells so they can regrow more easily. The thought is that the new skin that is growing will be much smoother and more uniform in color. Alpha- Hydroxy acids are also thought to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Money Wasted
A lot of times, you can buy skincare products without breaking the bank. Some of the most expensive products on the market are just as effective as the cheap store brands. Some makeup companies spend a lot of money on marketing, packaging and branding their products. So anytime you are researching a brand, look at the ingredients, you may be able to find a cheaper alternative that works just as well.

Mix Products
A lot of skin care companies try to convince their customers that they need to use the same product line. This is untrue; there is no real benefit to using one line over another. If you like one product from a line, and another product from another line, you should continue using both products. Skin care companies and pushy salespeople are just trying to bring in extra money by telling people that they must use the products together.

A lot of money is made by the skin care companies. In reality, there are a few basic rules everyone should follow, as listed above. Quite often, less is more, as you may only need a few basic products to keep your skin looking fresh and easy. Use the Internet to get unbiased reviews and ask your dermatologist what they suggest for your specific situation.

Becka Hamilton is a graduate of the University of Iowa. There, she studied entrepreneurial management and public health. She currently lives in Iowa City and writes about beauty, health and personal finance at the Lu Ross Academy.
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