Review | Born Pretty Store BK Nail Polish Remover Gel #6 Mint

Nail polish remover...GEL...sounds curious right? Indeed that is what intrigued me to give this product a try and subsequently share my thoughts with you when Born Pretty Store offered me another chance to review more of their products. 
It is easy to infer that the polish remover comes in the form of a gel instead of the usual liquid we are more accustomed to and it is supplied in a small plastic tube that holds 35ml of product. It comes with a screw-off cap and has a minute nozzle through which the gel oozes out.  The remover has a very pleasant and fresh minty scent as opposed to conventional nail polish removers and although transparent, it has a very light green tinge.


What you do is simply squeeze an adequate amount of gel on your polished nails and wait for a minute or two until the polish is dissolved (the gel will turn milky), then proceed to wipe everything off with a tissue or cotton disc.  I find it is similar to the foil removal metod with less resources and you won't be left with cotton threads on your nails.


Right hand with polish, left hand after 1 application of the gel polish remover
(approx. 1 minute wait)

However, I find that I still have to go over my nails with some liquid polish remover to remove the left over traces of polish. That said, I still do the same with conventional polish removers especially when taking off a darker polish. The gel leaves the nails thoroughly moisturized and it doesn't leave any tell-tale white residue on the nails as some other removers do.

In my opinion, this remover gel is best when used with light-coloured polishes and glitter polish as once dissolved you just wipe the polish away. Darker polishes take more product to be completely removed. The same holds true for gel top coats.

Overall, I like the concept of this innovative product and I think I would buy it again, if only for the fact that it takes the hassle out of removing glitter nail polish.

BK Nail Polish Remover Gel is available in 6 different scents on and retails for $3.80 a pop. Get yours at 10% off with discount code EBABK31 at checkout.

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2 comments on "Review | Born Pretty Store BK Nail Polish Remover Gel #6 Mint"
  1. Do you think this will penetrate through enough to soften my acrylics?


    1. Hi DGB :) No, unfortunately it's going to take a whole lot of product to soften acrylics (if successful). If you want to remove them altogether, soak your nails in acetone for a few minutes. Just don't use a plastic bowl as it will dissolve too!