The Exit Interview Series | Volume #16

Although this month I haven't managed to use up any body lotions as is my plan this year, I still have used up a few products.

Starting with skin care, I have been trying out some face masks and the ones I actually finished (and enjoyed using for that matter) are L'Action Detoxifying Face Mask and Mudd Sea Mask. Both masks are very effective at unclogging pores and revealing a brighter complexion but with regards value for money, the one from L'Action is definitely better as it costs €2.10 and I managed 4 applications whilst with the other, there is only enough product for 1 application and it costs €1.56. I have also made my way through another tube of Effaclar Mat moisturizer and yes, I have already bought a back-up. The same holds true for the Lycia Facial Wipes.

This month has seen me use up another bottle of Orly Nailtrition and I have also bought a back-up for it already because I cannot imagine how my nails would be without it. Another nail product I have finished is the Essence Gel Look Top Coat. I had some issues with this top coat as it would bubble when it dries. Then I figured out that for it not to bubble, the nail polish underneath has to be completely dry. I have another bottle of this but once I finish it, I don't think I will be buying it again.

I have also finished another two Essence products, namely the Stay Natural Concealer and the Nail Hardening Nail Polish Remover (Strawberry & Passion Fruit). You all know how much I love both of these products but when it comes to the remover, I bought the blue one instead simply because it carries a cheaper price tag.

Lastly here are two perfume samples, namely B.U. Heartbeat and Narciso Rodriguez Essence. They are both very girly and seductive scents and it's a good thing I have more of each. The only reason why I won't be buying them for now is that I have way too much perfumes to go through!

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