Valentine's Day Nail Art Tutorial | Leopard Print & Hearts

Hey dolls :) It's been a busy few days for me so that's why I wasn't active much here. Anyway, here is a nail art tutorial for the manicure I will be wearing for Valentine's Day.

I chose leopard print frankly because it is sexy and while not everyone is keen wearing on leopard print clothing pieces, leopard nails are much easier to wear. As for the hearts, I think the reason is pretty obvious! Read on for the tutorial and more pictures!

1. Prep nails with a good base coat and leave to dry.

2. Paint on two coats of a nude beige nail polish such as Catrice Ultimate Nudes Nail Lacquer in Same Seine But Different on all the nails except the ring fingers. Leave to dry thoroughly. 

3. In the meantime, paint two coats of a sparkly gold glitter polish on the ring fingers. I chose Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish in Gold Fever which also has red glitter particles to make the hearts pop even more.

4. With a darker nude brown (E.L.F. Smoky Brown) and using the polish brush, place random dots on the top part of the nude coloured nails. Don't worry if they are not neat, as it will give more resemblance to actual leopard print. Leave out a small area so that you can paint a heart in the next step.

5. By means of a dotting tool and Essence Colour & Go Polish in Fame Fatal, draw a heart on each of the nails.  On the ring fingers, place it at the bottom of the nail, right in the centre as shown in the photographs, while on the other, paint the heart in the blank area. To draw a perfect heart shape, place two dots of red nail polish facing each other, then drag their centres downward and fill in the centre of the hearts.

6. Subsequently, go around the brown dots and hearts with black nail polish (Essie Licorice) and creat jagged 'C' shapes around them to finish off the leopard print.

7. Seal your design with a glossy top coat and you're done!

Enjoy Valentine's Day!

5 comments on "Valentine's Day Nail Art Tutorial | Leopard Print & Hearts"
  1. wow this is perfect!! I wish I could do it! I love it ♥ ♥

  2. so pretty and girlie yet eye catching and perfect for valentines :) have to try this out myself x

  3. I´m not capable to do it things like these wonderful nails!!! I´m very very jelousy...

    Kisses from Spain

  4. Thanks so much girls! xx

  5. Gorgeous designs, I wish I could do that! x