Review | The Body Shop Face & Body Brush

One of the gifts I received last Christmas from my brother is The Body Shop Face & Body Brush that had been on my wishlist for a few months after I applied make-up for a friend and she brought this brush along with her. 

I was instantly in love with how soft the synthetic hairs were and the size of the brush intrigued me too. To cut a long story short, I was very pleased to see this brush in my stocking!

The brush looks and feels very sturdy with a silver ferrule and a wide-based black handle on which the company logo and brush name are printed in white capital letters. In fact it is heavier than any of the other brushes that I own but it is still very nice to use.

As I already pointed out, the bristles are synthetic (The Body Shop is a cruelty-free company) and they are arranged in a dome-shape. They are remarkably soft and they never bleed or come lose when I wash the brush. No wonder it is a best-seller! I like that they are the right degree of 'fluffy' as the product is evenly applied.

The size of this brush makes it ideal to apply shimmer powders, bronzer, loose powder, blush or even pressed powder to the face and neck areas and I really like the airbrushed finish each time I use this brush.

The only thing which I don't like about this brush is that it is only supplied with a flimsy plastic sleeve instead of a brush guard or a stronger pocket.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this brush to pretty much anyone and I am convinced it will last a life-time! 

The Body Shop Face & Body Brush retails for €11.00 from The Body Shop outlets across the island.

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  1. I don't have any brushes from The Body Shop and this looks really soft and good quality! I'll definitely search for it next time I visit a store :)