Review | John Frieda Collection Frizz-Ease Straightening Potion

After featuring this product in last month's favourites, I thought it's high-time I reviewed it in detail. Basically I bought this Straightening Potion to keep my newly short hair straight and frizz free. Up till then I only used a little hair spray of hair mousse to give me volume buy the frizz would re-appear after some time and my ends would start turning wavy again.

I had used another product from the Frizz-Ease range once and I remember I liked the results so when I was at the supermarket staring at hair styling products to see which one I should get, I knew I was going for the John Frieda Collection; more specifically, their Frizz-Ease range. Also, I use heat-styling tools almost everyday on my hair so I had to keep that in consideration too...and the Straightening Potion ticked all the boxes.

The product comes in a pearlised, light grey, rectangular spray bottle with a pull-off cap. The spray is actually a transparent liquid that smells exactly like a hair salon if you know what I mean and you get 200ml in total which in my opinion is a very good amount.

The bottle bears the company name and product description on the front whilst at the back you have directions for use and ingredients.  There is also a little pink circle on the front that says that the spray doubles up as a heat protectant...perfect to use with hair dryers and straightening irons.

The John Frieda Frizz-Ease Straightening Potion is adapted for naturally straight or wavy hair with light, flyaway frizz and you just spray it on damp hair and style your hair as usual. I only use a small amount as my hair is quite greasy and styling products tend to make it worse. However, with this product I haven't had any issues of my hair turning greasy overnight and I have noticed a significant reduction in frizz and my hair stays straight for two days in a row!

Needless, to say I really like this product as it does exactly what it is intended to and I would recommend it to anyone with the same hair type as myself.

The John Frieda Collection Frizz-Ease Straightening Potion retails for €9 from leading supermarkets around Malta.

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