Review | MUA Pro Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit

Filling my brows is something I wouldn't have considered up to a few months back simply because I have dark, already thickish brows. So basically, eyebrow care for me, has always been down to waxing, shaping and keeping brow hairs in place with some brow gel.

Having said that, I have been looking at tutorials explaining different techniques and products to use to shape and better define your brows for quite some time and I have the odd brow pencil in my collection 'just in case'.  Personally, I have never overlooked the importance of having perfectly taken-care-of brows as they really do frame the face and now, budget make-up brand Makeup Academy (MUA) have made my first foray into eyebrow shaping easier with their new Pro Brow Ultiamte Eyebrow Kit.

Let's have a look at the packaging and contents first. The kit is very professionally presented in a sleek black case that belies the product's £3.50 price tag. The case's lid is glossy and bears the MUA logo and product name  while the sides and back are matte.

Inside you get a nice-sized mirror, two matte brown shades (a dark brown and a lighter brown), a highlighter and clear wax. The kit also comes complete with a pair of mini slant tweezers and a small, double-sided angle brush...truly everything you need for perfectly defined brows!

All three powders are quite silky smooth and very pigmented, especially the brow shades. The wax on the other hand is the right consistency and doesn't feel sticky but does a great job at keeping brow hairs in check. The tweezers come in handy for on-the-go touch-ups but otherwise, I prefer using a full-sized pair. As for the brush, I really can't complain on this one! You know how usually the brushes that come with kits are total rubbish? This one proves to be quite good at the job it is intended for as the angle is just perfect and the bristles do not retain the product.

Now, how I use the kit. I am quite obsessed with having clean brows that I try to pluck away any strays everyday (unless I am due for an appointment). Then, I mix the darker shades to obtain the shade closest to my natural brow colour and using the brush and gentle strokes, I apply the product to my brows to define them. Finally, I just use the wax to keep everything in place and apply the lightest shade to the brow bone to lift my brows.

Quite noticeable difference between the left brow (enhanced with the kit)
and right brow (left bare)
I find that results last until I take my make-up off at the end of the day and while I like that brow hairs stay in place longer with the wax than with brow gel, I'm still not entirely convinced with the glossy look.

Overall, I'm glad I bought the kit though as it is very easy to use and delivers great results even if like me you have never tried eyebrow defining before.

Buy yours from the Makeup Academy website for only £3.50 for 5.9g of product.

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