NOTW: Pink Ombre

I have finally found some time to try ombre nails! I chose pink as I think it is a colour that's easy to work with to create the desired effect and I found that the easiest way to create a nice gradient from one nail to the next is to pick two shades of the same colour, not more than 5 shades apart and mix them in different proportions to obtain the in-between hues. Here's how I did mine:
1. Prep nails with a base coat to protect your nails.
2. Pick two shades of the same colour and mix the colours together as follows on a piece of plastic. I chose China Glaze Second Hand Silk and Essence Colour & Go 107 Naughty but Pink.
- Pinky: Naughty but Pink
- Ring Finger: 2 drops Naughty but Pink + 1 drop Second Hand Silk
- Middle Finger: 2 drops Naughty but Pink + 2 drops Second Hand Silk
- Index Finger: 1 drop Naughty but Pink + 2 drops Second Hand Silk
- Thumb: Second Hand Silk
Apply two coats of each.
3. You can either stop there and top coat the nails or else, you can opt for a little extra on the ring finger like I did. I used yellow fimo flowers for contrast and affixed a whole one at the side, followed by a two petalled one and just one petal on the other side as shown in the pictures.
4. Seal all nails with top coat and you're done!


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