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One of my favourite products from Catrice are their eye shadows. I have tried different ranges and I have never been disappointed with any of them. Today I will be reviewing some of the shadows from the Absolute Eye Colour Mono range. I have 11 shades in all however, not all are available as 6 of them have sadly been discontinued.
The packaging is pretty simple yet sturdy where you get a transparent plastic square case inside which is the actual eye shadow pan that holds 2.0g of product and 'Catrice' is written just under it. The shade name and number are located at the back on a sticker. Also, new shades are clearly marked as such with a small silver sticker on the front. Here I have to admit that I really do like the creative names they come up with! I also like that the lid closes tightly on all of the shadows and if like me you are obsessed with your make-up still looking new, the packaging is easy to wipe clean.
One thing to note is that you get 0.5g less with the new shades (top) as opposed to the 2.5g with the discontinued ones (bottom).
Pigmentation varies according to shade as in the lighter ones are visibly less pigmented and it does take some swipes to build up the colour. On the other hand, the darker shades are very intensely pigmented. With a primer base, all of these eye shadows last until you take them off. Some of them can be a little powdery so be aware of fallouts when applying them.
Here comes the fun part, swatches! I will start with the ones that are still available first:
540 Rose Marie's Baby ~ pearly baby pink
550 Saw It On Blue Tube ~ dark navy with royal blue shimmer
560 I Like To Mauve It ~ rather creamy shimmery mauve
570 Plum Up The Jam ~ deep plum with gold shimmer
580 Carrots Of The Caribbean ~ matt tangerine

...and these are the discontinued shades:
010 Sunny We Love You ~ pearl yellow
150 Metallicious ~ metallic light grey
160 I Trust Stardust ~ metallic frosty white
180 Ocean's 14 ~ matt dark petrol blue/green
210 The Queen Is Amused ~ royal blue with silver shimmer
230 Where is My Caddy-Li-Lac ~ pearly lilac

If I had to pick a few favourites I would all of the new shades along with 010 and 210 and I also have my eyes on some of the newest shades that are still to be released here in Malta. 

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Eyeshadows can be found in different pharmacies across Malta & Gozo and they retail for €4.50 each.

Have you ever tried any eye shadows from this range? Which are your favourite shades?
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  1. Wee. I want to try Catrice Cosmetics that I even asked my aunt who will be having a vacation here in the Philippines to get some for me in Italy! I have to tell her to get some of the eyeshadows. :)

    - Jes