Review | Pupa Milano Multiplay Triple Purpose Eye Pencil 09

If you know me you would know how much I love a good old black kohl eye pencil and the longer it lasts, the better. It is a staple product in my make-up collection and I was thrilled when Pupa Milano sent me one of their Multiplay Triple Purpose Eye Pencils after I participated (and won!) in a share and win competition on Facebook.

Basically, you get a double sided pencil whose packaging colour indicates the actual product's colour. On one end there is the pencil lead and on the other is a slant smudge sponge.  It may come off as smaller than your average eye pencil at 1.2g of product but a little really goes a long way. On the other hand, I was sent a tester which has 0.8g of product and in this regard it is quite generous I might say.

The pencil is really creamy, highly pigmented and glides on effortlessly and what impressed me the most is that which ever way you use it, it stays put and doesn't budge. Now, to the three uses the pencil is meant for; obviously you can use it as kajal, kohl and also as an eyeshadow. Personally, with mine being black I really like to use it as a smoky eye base rather than an all over eyeshadow. The smudger makes it easier to work with for this purpose however, you have to work quickly to distribute it over your eyelid as it dries fairly quickly.

Yet still, my most preferred use is as a kohl eye pencil. I like that it stays put all day and even when I apply it close to the waterline, there is very little fading compared to other black pencils I have. This confirms the pencil is actually waterproof. Having said that, it is still very easy to take off with eye makeup remover. Here are some pictures of each use of this pencil:

Pupa Multiplay 09 used as a kohl-kajal pencil
Pupa Multiplay 09 used as a base for smoky eye (right) and to intensify a pale blue shade (left)
Take your pick from 16 exquisite shades of Pupa Milano Multiplay Triple Purpose Eye Pencils from selected pharmacies and outlets in Malta & Gozo. Retail price is €6.89.
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2 comments on "Review | Pupa Milano Multiplay Triple Purpose Eye Pencil 09"
  1. Thanks for taking the time to do this review and show the multiple uses of this product! Sounds like a quality product at a great price!

    Making It Sparkle

  2. I believe that the Multiplay is not waterproof in itself, even though I agree it lasts for ages. To my knowledge there is a special waterproof one for the same range which I am yet to try out. Great product I agree.