Review | St.Ives Apricot Scrub

I have recently changed some of my skin care products and one of the new products in this regard is the St.Ives Apricot Scrub. Up to a couple of months back, I was relying on the Nivea Visage Young scrub to keep my skin looking radiant but for some reason, it was out of stock on multiple occasions so I decided to have at a go at this one instead.

With regards packaging, this is significantly bigger and contains 200mL of product. The tube format is always convenient to avoid product waste and it is more hygienic.

The scrub presents itself as a thick whitish cream with a light peach tinge and rather large granules. For this reason I wouldn't recommend this product for young and overly sensitive skin as it may feel too harsh. In fact, if my skin is going through a sensitivity phase and whenever I use this scrub, my face would redden up a little but it fades away after some time. Other than that, it leaves my skin peachy soft and silky smooth and visibly more radiant.

Being oil free and rich in natural exfoliants and hyaluronic acid, it is perfect for my oily/blemished skin type. Although sensitive, my skin never burns while using this product and it didn't break me out. Being thick, it does take some time to rinse so use copious amounts of tepid water, and like all products, make sure you remove all traces.
I feel this scrub prepares my skin very well for a face mask as the latter seems to work better after I have applied a scrub than when I don't. It says it combats blemishes but I cannot really comment on that as spots still take a full 5 days ta banish after they first appear.
All in all, I think this is a good product and one you should try if you're looking for a good face scrub that won't break the bank. I paid €6.99 for it. St.Ives products are widely available in pharmacies all around Malta & Gozo.

*Edit* After using the product for a longer period of time, the scrub didn't seem to agree with my skin anymore and it was breaking me out so I quit using it on my face. It makes for a good hand and body scrub though so it didn't go to waste.

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