May Collective Haul

That's right...I did it again :S Let's dig into this month's collective haul!
I finally got round to trying Bottega Verde which is an Italian brand that only stocks natural and organic cosmetic products. They even have a make up range but to be honest they are a bit overpriced so I just bought a pomegranate body scrub as my coconut one from The Body Shop is running out. It costs €15.99 for 200mL and I was also given a loyalty card, and some product samples.

I also needed to stock up on my Effaclar Mat moisturizer so I got that and a sample of La Roche Posay's new BB cream. The moisturizer was €12.90.

With my cousin's wedding and Johan and my brother's birthdays coming up in June, I tried not to spend too much money on clothes but I really couldn't resist some items at New Look and ended up spending a total of €92.46 in one session! I bought this Aztec print bikini where the bottoms cost €9.99 and the top €14.99. I also stocked up on Montagne Jeunesse's Blemish Mud which cost €1.25 each. The earrings were a surprise from Johan as he heard me say a million times this month that I needed a royal blue pair and he bought them for me from Tenda Accessories.
Also from New Look, I bought a pair of beige cuffed chinos for €24.99 and a pair of high-waisted shorts which were on sale for €10.  The dungarees were €29.99 and they are a welcome addition to my summer wardrobe.
I did some shopping on ebay as well, mainly nail tech supplies such as glue, nail files and the likes but they're nothing special so I am not going to bore you with them. Here is the more fun stuff instead! I bought 12 colours of flocking powder (€2.31) to create velvet nails with as well as some shoes, lipstick (€3.02) and Eiffel Tower decals (€3.16).
More ebay purchases... two covers for the Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini mobile phone that I am planning on buying (€3.68 for the Eiffel Tower one and €1.41 for the butterflies one), a pair of Peacock tail paper lashes (€4.00), two Beauty Blender sponge dupes (€1.48 each) and a nose clay pack (€4.41).
Lastly, from ebay I got a little jar of embossing powder to basically turn an ordinary polish in a textured one. That cost €5.82. I also bought two products from Sally Hansen, namely the Instant Cuticle Remover and the No More Breaks Nail Strengthener. They were €7.40 each. The last nail related purchase this month was  actually a though from Dad...the April/May 2013 issue of Perfect Hair & Nails Magazine. 
I bought this cute pair of yellow earrings from Orsay for €4.95 to add to my collection and from Wjcon I bought this Automatic Lip Liner in Bimbo to match their Sublime Matt Lipstick N.611. If I'm not mistaken this cost €4.90.
Dad also surprised me with some magazine freebies from a friend of his so thanks to both of them :)

This month I went crazy with earrings and so I placed an order on I was really impressed with how fast the order came through. The total was €7.63 and I really like all of these earrings, especially the round ones with the butterflies.
My Dad and my boyfriend also surprised me with this cute and sparkly cat keyring and shoes & handbag mug respectively this month. Then lastly, I bought myself a cute Chamilia shoe charm when we bought a gift for Mum for Mother's day. As soon as I saw the charm, I knew it had to be mine! I paid €39 for it.


So that is all from my part! Share your purchases below in the comments!

6 comments on "May Collective Haul"
  1. I want to try these paper lashes! They may not last for more than once but they look fun!!

    1. I am thinking of a way to re-use them actually cos they're so pretty!

  2. You shall have to let me know how you got on with the no more breaks, I tried it once but never went back for some reason. I like the bikini pattern, its different. Not tried paper lashes, they do look nice though :)

  3. You bough some great things! Let me know what you think of the Effaclair mat! I am planning to buy it as well :)


    1. Hi Plami, I think that is the 5th or 6th bottle of Effaclar Mat! I love it as it keeps my skin fresh for a long time without turning oily. I will do a thorough review soon!