Review | Michael Todd True Organics Cleanse and Tone One Step Cleanser/Toner

Towards the end of March, I had placed my first ever order on the Michael Todd True Organics website for two of their cleansers. I had been looking up organic based cleansers for my skin as I was still getting a few occasional pimples, even after I downsized my skin care products stash to the bare minimum.
The Michael Todd range was always backed with rave reviews and so I decided to have a look at what they have to offer and settled on two cleansers to start with, namely, the Charcoal Detox and the Cleanse and Tone which I will be reviewing today.
Since it was my first time ordering from the website, I will start the review with the first impressions I got of the company. First off, the website is very user-friendly with the products being categorized by skin care type and I was very pleased to see they ship to my country for just €7 (flat-rate). They accept PayPal, which is something I always look for before purchasing from the internet for security reasons.  My order arrived within 10 days if I remember correctly, and I was really impressed seeing that it had to come all the way from the US.  Another thing which really impressed me was the packaging. Both of my cleansers came packed really well in bubble wrap pockets and jablo thingies which made sure no breakages would be encountered during transit; and to top it off, all of this came in a pretty purple carton box bearing the company's logo. Way to go!
Now on to the actual review. The product is packaged in a very sturdy, lilac plastic container that bears the usual product name, info and ingredients and it holds 210mL of cleanser.  I like that it come with a pump dispenser that you can close say when you need to take this product with you on travels. One pump is enough to cleanse you whole face so this will surely last for a long time. The only downside with the packaging is that you cannot really see how much product is left, but otherwise, I think it is very pretty.
Being that this product incorporates a cleanser and a toner, I like to use it the morning as it speeds up my skin care regimen and since I would have thoroughly cleansed my face the night before, I don't have to deep-clean it all again the following morning; although it does say in the description that this 'two-in-one facial cleanser and toner cleans deeply down to the pores to remove impurities while also toning the skin. Highly absorbent Charcoal penetrates deep into the pores to gently remove dirt, oil and other impurities without the drying effects of alcohol. Antioxidant vitamins together with organic teas and essential oils help fight environmental stressors. Rinses thoroughly without residue leaving skin feeling clean, soft and smooth. Prepares the skin for serums and moisturizer.'
Texture wise, the cleanser looks quite thick and it has a greyish lilac colour due to the charcoal present in it. You can even see bits of charcoal in the picture below. All you have to do is just wet your face and hands with warm water, dispense 1 pump of cleanser into your hands and gently massage in circular motions going from your chin your your forehead. Since it doesn't have SLS (a harmful ingredient found in most shampoos, shower gels, cleansers and soaps), the cleanser doesn't lather up. On the other hand, it feels like you are massaging a velvety-like product on to your skin. As for scent, I'd say this smells a bit like a citrus fruits cocktail.

I have been using this cleanser ever since I got it and although I do not have any before and after pictures to justify my claims, I can confirm it has done a huge difference in the way my skin looks and feels, I didn't get any pimples yet, and my skin looks more uniform. I am very pleased that my skin doesn't feel overly dry after rinsing the cleanser off , yet it till feels clean and free from excess sebum and dirt. I also like the fact that this cleanser is free from parabens, is 85% organic and is certified vegan.
I am really impressed with the results and I will definitely be re-ordering as well as try out new product suited for my skin type from Michael Todd.
The Michael Todd True Organics Cleanse and Tone One Step Cleanser/Toner retails for $24 from the Michael Todd website.

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