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A few days ago, fellow Maltese blogger Davi posted a review on this Instant Cuticle Remover from Sally Hansen. I always steered clear of cuticle removers before as you should never ever cut or completely remove your cuticles as they are there to protect your nail from infection. However, we all know how unsightly thick and dry cuticles can be, especially when they grow over the nail plate. For more information about cuticles and how to properly take care of them, please check out this post.
Back to the original subject, I bought this product from the hospital convenience store as Davi's review really convinced me to get it. Basically, the product is supplied in a white carton box with Sally Hansen's logo and product information and ingredients all around...pretty much like all Sally Hansen Nail Treatments.
The actual cuticle remover comes in a light blue plastic squeeze bottle and it has a gel-like texture but it's more on the watery side. It is clear in colour. The nozzle through which the product comes out is the perfect size to control the amount of product and it fits comfortably on the cuticle and nail wall areas.
Basically, what you do is just squeeze out an adequate amount of cuticle remover onto the cuticles and under your nail tips, wait 15 seconds and gently push back the cuticles and the dead skin and true cuticle (cuticle left overs onto the nails) are dissolved away. Be careful not to leave it on for more than a minute then just wash away the excess in warm, soapy water.
I have tried this on my own nails the other day and I was amazed at how much cuticle was removed from my nails! Cuticles on the nails can be the cause of gel extensions lifting away and nail polish not lasting long enough or peeling so this product is definitely something each one of us should have in their nail care stash!
My boyfriend was kind enough to volunteer to have his excess cuticles removed for this post. So what you will see in the pictures are actually his nails. Just a little disclaimer here; some pictures can be gross and just to make it clear, he had trimmed his own fingernails and dead skin surrounding the nails by himself moments before. So here goes!
Left: Where you should apply the product
Right: Before applying the cuticle remover

Scraping off the dry cuticles
All the scraped off dry cuticles from one nail!

Result! Nice and free from dry cuticles and callouses!
Pretty amazing right?! Even Johan himself was amazed! This is definitely a product I wouldn't want to be caught without! Way to go Sally Hansen ;)

Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover retails for €7.40 for 29.5mL of product.

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  1. This looks amazing, the before/after pics on your boyfriend show an amazing difference! I dont tend to cut or push my cuticles as they're pretty non existant anyway. I just rub some burts bees cuticle cream on them to keep them moist and i'm good to go but this looks SO good for people who have a much more obvious cuticle area! xx

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