Review | Wjcon Bi-phasic Waterproof Makeup Remover

Apart from an extensive makeup range, Italian brand Wjcon also have their own skin care range. However, it is more of a general skin care range rather than targeted for specific skin types. I decided to try their Bi-phasic Waterproof Makeup Remover.

The product is supplied in a conveniently sized 150mL bottle. Being transparent, it enables me to see how much product I have left and with me, that is always a plus. Ingredients and product information are printed on the back of the bottle.

Most of the time, I favour makeup remover wipes over bi-phasic makeup removers as they tend to leave an oily film on my skin, even though I cleanse my face thoroughly afterwards. This is surely not the case with the Wjcon Bi-phasic Waterproof Makeup Remover! It effectively removes all makeup, even the toughest, waterproof makeup and I do not have to worry about any oily residues being left on my skin. I did notice that there seems to be more of the aqueous element rather than oil so I guess that might be reason why it doesn't feel that oily.
Typically, I would use 4 cotton pads soaked with this makeup remover to take off all makeup including foundation; I use 1 for each eye, so that's 2 already, then I use the back side of one of them to remove lipstick and an additional two to remove foundation. I then cleanse, tone and moisturize skin before heading to bed (full updated skin care routine to be posted this week). I also use one q-tip to remove any left-over traces of mascara but most of the time, it isn't necessary...that's how effective this makeup remover is.
I have never had any issues with skin irritations or breakouts while or after using this product and I will therefore award it a full 5 star rating!
Wjcon Bi-Phasic Waterproof Makeup Remover is available from the Wjcon shop at Naxxar Road, Birkirkara or for Italians across Italy or online from Retails price is €5.90 for 150mL.
Have you been to Wjcon yet? Any favourite products?

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