Initial Impressions | Essence Show Your Feet High Heel Mania Trend Edition

Hello beauties! I'm so excited to be sharing this post with you today! So last Thursday I was able to get my hands on one of the latest Trend Editions from Essence, Show Your Feet High Heel Mania! As soon as I saw this on their website, I was really hoping we get it quick here in Malta and luckily my prayers have been answered!
Here are the pictures and initial impressions about the products that makeup this limited edition collection!
Show Your Feet Toe Nail Polish
While I don't get what makes a finger and toe nail polish different, I really liked the bright shades in this collection but since I have similar colours to them, I skipped the nail polishes but one, namely 02 The Pump. It is a beautiful baby pink crème that is opaque in just one coat! I really liked the fact that they named the polishes after different shoes :) The formula is nice and dries fairly quickly so thumbs up! €2.40 for 8ml, available in a total of 5 shades
Show Your Feet Gel Comfort Pads
In my opinion, these are must haves for when you're wearing high heels. The cushions provide a non-slip grip and prevent burning and blisters on the balls of the feet! What's more? They're heart shaped thus suitable for flip flops; and if they lose stickiness, just rinse them with clear water and they're as good as new! €3.60 for 1 pair
Show Your Feet High Heel Protectors
Another innovative product! I'm really in need of these to help prevent ruining my high heels. Basically, these are gel cushions for your heels which just wrap around your heel. Again, if they lose stickiness, you just have to rinse them with clear water! €3.60 for 2 pairs
Show Your Feet Designer Sole Sticker
This is a fun and innovative product which I knew I would definitely get both varieties of. I'm curious as so see how long these will last and how they will look! €3.60 for 1 pair, available in 01 Into The Wild and 02 Pink Is Beautiful
Show Your Feet Nail Stickers
I loved these so much I got 3 sheets! You get an array of different coloured shoes, stars and hearts, perfect for chic and quick nail art! €2.20 per sheet of 35 stickers

Show Your Feet Body Tattoos
These body tattoos have been designed for use around the ankles but I will be using them for decorative purposes instead. €2.40 per sheet, available in 2 variations
So, high heel maniacs, Essence got you covered! Will you be getting anything from this collection? In Malta, the High Mania Trend Edition is available at Rotunda Pharmacy, Mosta | Beautika, Siggiewi | Health Plus on Campus.

8 comments on "Initial Impressions | Essence Show Your Feet High Heel Mania Trend Edition"
  1. Pretty nail polish shade! Loved it :)

  2. Ooooh, nice thingies!! I already have the old version of Gel Comfort Pads and I can't wear heels without them! The heart shape-perfect for flip flops idea is so cool! Love the stickers and tattoos as well, can't wait to see them is stores :D

  3. Will definitely be checking out the protectors and comfort pads!

  4. You bought some really fun items! Comfort pads are a must for me too, xoxo.

  5. These look like some great items! :)

    Kelly xx

  6. My wife is very possessive about her heel. After reading your review gonna suggest her this easy to apply High Heel Protectors.