Review | Sally Hansen No More Breaks Natural Nail Strengthener

How is everyone doing so far? Upon request I will review the Sally Hansen No More Breaks Natural Nail Strengthener which I bought with the Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover. Seeing how good the latter product is, I really had high hopes for this one and after thoroughly testing it out, here are my thoughts on it. I will start with some background information about my nails first. 
So, my nails are quite strong in themselves but come summer, they need a little help not to break as they tend to grow much faster because of increased sun (hence Vitamin D) exposure. Therefore, I decided to get this product with that in mind.
Like all Sally Hansen nail treatments, the strengthener comes in a carton box on which are printed the ingredients and directions for use amongst other information.  The actual polish on the other hand has a light green tinge but results transparent on application. It comes in a transparent bottle, making it easier to determine how much product is left. The brush is a good size to apply the product in just two strokes.
Application instructions suggest that you apply the product on clean, dry, bare nails so I went ahead and removed excess cuticle and dehydrated the nails and applied one coat of No More Breaks, allowing a couple of minutes drying time before I applied another one.

To my surprise, the polish just peeled off my nail the minute it dried so I cleaned my nails yet again and this time, I applied two subsequent coats but to no avail...the polish just peeled off! I thought of using it over a good base coat to make it stay in place but then again, what's the use of a nail strengthener if it cannot adhere to the nail plate?

I'd say stay away from this product and spend the same amount of money on another polish or the Instant Cuticle Remover instead. Speaking of price, I think it is still good value for money as it retails for €7.40 for 13.3mL (although it is much cheaper in the US).
Did you ever try this? Am I the only one it didn't work for? 

2 comments on "Review | Sally Hansen No More Breaks Natural Nail Strengthener"
  1. Thanks for sharing, I didn't find it peeled off but it chipped really badly within hours. Not good, and not something I would recommend. I had thought it was just me but perhaps it is just a bad product.

  2. I agree with your comments about this product, I bought it last week and used it twice on clean bare nails and it just cracked up and looked really bad. When I came to remove it it was a struggle and left reminants on my nails! Don't buy this product!