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Today I will be reviewing another product I bought from Wjcon recently and as you can tell by the title of this post, the spotlight will be on their green Anti-Redness Corrective Primer.

First off, the primer is supplied in a black carton box that bears the ingredients and a swatch of the primer colour. The product information is printed on the back of the actual tube which is the same colour as the actual primer. The tube holds 30ml and it is very conveniently sized for travel. However, to see how much product is left, you have to put the tube against the light as it is opaque.

Here's a word about primers and their use in makeup... A primer is applied before foundation and after moisturizer to help create an even base and help your makeup last longer.  This one in particular also has a mattifying effect, counteracts wrinkles and being green, it contrasts any redness. I am still too young to have wrinkles so I cannot really comment on that but I can definitely give my two cents on this primer's other properties!

To begin with, I bought specifically the green corrective primer because I really liked the effect when Maria did my makeup at the Wjcon Bloggers' Night. I do get a little redness on my cheeks and from pimples so I thought this would be a great complement to my NYX Concealer In A Jar CJ12 Green.

What impresses me the most with this primer is that although it is green in colour, it goes onto the skin very sheer and it blends well effortlessly so that if you don't feel like applying foundation, you can skip it altogether and still look very natural.
The texture is creamy but a little on the watery side, hence very easy to blend into the skin. I use this primer when I am doing full face makeup mostly, because it helps keep the makeup on longer and my skin is kept oil free. The primer has no scent whatsoever and is rapidly absorbed into the skin. I haven't had any issues with breaking out while using the product.
To sum up, I would really recommend this primer to anyone whose skin tends to get red and acne prone people. It is available in another three varieties to suit everyone's individual needs; white to illuminate the face, purple to freshen up dull complexions, skin coloured to counteract pigmentation, dark spots and dark under eye circles.
Available from Wjcon in Naxxar Road, Birkirkara for €9.90 for 30ml. *Throughout the month of June, Wjcon are giving you a free nail polish with a purchase of €35 or more worth of products*.

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3 comments on "Review | Wjcon Primer Corrective Anti-Redness"
  1. I bought the white one just last week and so far I love it. It is the only primer which helps foundation to look good, even on dry patches of skin, and after several hours.

    Marija from

  2. Anonymous15/6/13 21:45

    wow I wanna try this =)

  3. This sounds perfect for me, I have oily skin so need something mattifying and I have red cheeks, nose, eyelids and acne scars. Need this in my life! xx

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