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Hope Monday is treating you well so far ladies! Today I have yet another guest post for you which will show us how to make a face mask that will save your skin during the summer months. The post comes all the way from New York based Skana Spa and is written by one of their therapists, Michelle Pino.

We all know how important the health of our skin is, especially during summer months, when increased exposure to the elements can leave it looking dry and dull. Ultraviolet radiation, air pollution, heat, dirt, and sweat all contribute to our faces looking a little more worn than we would like. In order to really appreciate why caring for our skin is important, there are a few things everyone should know.

Your skin processes toxins by eliminating them through sweat, and also produces vitamin D from sunlight. The top layer of the epidermis is called the horny layer. It’s an extra-tough shield of skin that provides complete, whole-body protection, which includes your face. You also have areas of skin on your body that get extra exposure to these elements all year long; your face and hands are two of the most exposed regions, and therefore, require extra attention and a little pampering to stay looking young and bright.

But there’s no need to spend serious money for creams and washes filled with unknown and unpronounceable chemicals. Save your funds for summer fun! The experts at Skana spa of the New York resort Turning Stone have shared a recipe with us for a DIY hydration mask that uses items you probably have lying around the kitchen right now!

1 cup natural yogurt
½ cup oatmeal
1 tablespoon honey
Mix the ingredients together
Apply to the skin for 10-15 minutes
Remove with a warm, damp facecloth
This is a perfect, easy to make, inexpensive home remedy that can be used to moisturize your skin as often as you like. It is completely free of dangerous chemicals, and is perfect after a day at the beach, hiking, or at the swimming pool. These three ingredients possess properties that make them ideal for external uses.
Oatmeal contains polysaccharides and healthy fats that function to first sooth your skin, then to moisturize and help heal damage. Honey (raw) contains enzymes become hydrogen peroxide when mixed with water, and gentle alpha hydroxy acids, like gluconic acid. It makes an excellent detoxifier and mild defoliant. Moreover, it acts to reduce free radicals produced by sun exposure and helps skin retain moisture. Lastly, yogurt—full of protein, enzymes, and zinc—helps to detoxify, exfoliate, and restore the pH balance of your skin. So, skip the trip to the beauty isle. Put some food on your face, grab a good book, and relax after a day filled with summer fun.

Will you be giving this a go? What do you think about our skin in summer?

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